The national industrial Internet platform empowers depth to reach depth, Jieshun Technology helps build "Digital Longhua"

The national industrial Internet platform empowers depth to reach depth, Jieshun Technology helps build "Digital Longhua"

On September 23rd, sponsored by the Shenzhen Longhua District People’s Government and the China Electronics Standardization Institute, and organized by the Longhua District Digital Economy Leading Group Office, the National Industrial Internet Platform Empower Deepin Tour (Shenzhen Station) and the "Digital Economy See Longhua" series of activities were held in Shenzhen.

Feng Wei, director of the integration of industrialization and industrialization department of MIIT Information Technology Development Department, Sun Wenlong, vice president of China Electronics Standardization Research Institute, and Wang Wei, secretary of Longhua District Party Committee, attended the forum and delivered speeches. Jieshun Technology, as a representative of a key enterprise in "Digital Longhua", was invited to attend the meeting.

The event focused on the theme of "platform empower, digital transformation", aiming to strengthen the promotion and implementation of the digital economy policy system, accelerate the improvement of financial, spatial, intellectual and other support and security systems, and efficiently promote the platform carrier to fully empower, and jointly explore the strategy of deeply empowering the industrial Internet.

In recent years, Longhua District has vigorously promoted the strengthening of the real economy and the industrial transformation and upgrading project, and took the lead in introducing ten measures to build a digital economy pioneer area in the city. At the event site, Longhua District officially released the "1 + N + S" digital economy policy system.

Of which,"1" is the three-year implementation plan for the digital economy in Longhua District, "N" is the inclusive policy by industry and field, and "S" is the special project policy for the digital economy industryFocusing on the current situation, characteristics and shortcomings of the industry, targeting and focusing, increasing support for the industrial Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, new display, intelligent manufacturing equipment, consumer Internet, fashion creativity, digital culture, integrated circuits, life and health. A systematic policy system covering more than 10 industrial fields, more than 20 policies, and a budget of over 3 billion yuan has been initially formed, and it is committed to accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system and promoting sustainable and high-quality economic development.

As a national high-tech enterprise and a key development enterprise in the ten industrial chains of the "1 + N + S" digital economy policy system, the release of this policy undoubtedly provides strong support and guarantee for Jieshun to accelerate the development of digital transformation.

Over the past 29 years, Jieshun Technology has always adhered to independent research and development, continuously introduced high-precision scientific and technological talents, and maintained the leadership of scientific and technological innovation. Gradually transforming from an intelligent hardware manufacturer to a smart ecological operator with intelligent software and hardware + platform + operation, and witnessing and promoting the transformation and development of the industry with repeated transformations and upgrades.

As a new member of Longhua Intelligent Manufacturing, Jieshun Technology will also closely follow the policy, seize the opportunity, and comprehensively enhance the innovation and creativity ability based on smart car dealerships, smart pedestrians, smart visitors, and smart consumption, accelerate digital transformation, and continue to lead the development of the industry.

To achieve a comprehensive digital transformation of the enterprise, digital empowerment is an essential part of it.At the event, Zhao Yong, general manager of Jieshun Technology, and five other well-known enterprises in Longhua District signed a digital empowering strategic cooperation agreement with the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center.

This strategic cooperation is not only an important measure of the "1 + N + S" digital economy policy system, but also fully reflects Longhua District’s firm determination to accurately connect the digital empowerment platform with local outstanding enterprises and achieve "two-way empower".

As a state-level think tank research unit with a history of more than 60 years, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center has accumulated rich research experience and platform construction, ecological construction and promotion experience in digital transformation, and has participated in a large number of national "integration of industrialization and industrialization" policy documents and standards.

Zhao Yong, general manager of Jieshun Technology, said,"Scientific research institutions hold the theoretical commanding heights of the industry and understand the future direction. Under their guidance, we will have a more accurate grasp of the trend, and we can also get the optimization of the system and the guidance of theory."

As a leading enterprise in the field of smart parking, Jieshun Technology keeps pace with the digital age and plans digital transformation deployment in advance.It is now fully moving towards a new "cloud age".

In the future, Jieshun Technology will take the "Digital Longhua" construction as an opportunity, make full use of the advantages of Longhua’s industrial chain, and continue to accelerate the digital strategic transformation towards the new goal of "comprehensive cloudification, ecological construction, and fission development". It will further play a role in the promotion of Longhua’s digital construction and development, and help Shenzhen’s smart city industrial chain layout.


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