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The top price is360,000? Suspected Xiaomi SU7 price exposure

January 31 news As the listing date approaches, the price information about Xiaomi SU7 has become a concern of more and more people. Previously, some netizens exposed a price of some models suspected of Xiaomi SU7 in the insurance policy in Weibo, or it was 361,400 yuan. However, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, released Weibo that the price was only used as a test.

Regarding the price of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun can be said to have hung everyone’s appetite. "Don’t say 99,000 yuan, don’t think about 149,900 yuan." He constantly stressed, "Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a bit expensive, but please believe that what we are doing is expensive for a reason, and the experience will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations." And repeatedly said, "Within 500,000, Xiaomi SU7 has no opponent."

In fact, when interviewed by Lei Jun, it was repeatedly stressed that the price of SU7 would not be too low, and everyone could see that Xiaomi had really invested heavily in SU7. As the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, SU7 wanted to set the brand tone with a luxury price, and it has been giving everyone a vaccination to avoid poor market response after listing.

What range do you think is reasonable for the price of Xiaomi SU7?

The Shandong International Auto Show will be opened on December 8, and exquisite gifts such as LCD TV and washing machine can also be drawn on the spot.

Original title: Visit the auto show, free to smoke luxury cars for half a year. Shandong International Auto Show will open on December 8, and you can also smoke LCD TVs, washing machines and other exquisite gifts.

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Original title: Visit the auto show, free to smoke luxury cars for half a year. Shandong International Auto Show will open on December 8, and you can also smoke LCD TVs, washing machines and other exquisite gifts.

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Peninsula all-media reporter He Xinyi

Always believe that good things are about to happen! For example, driving a luxury car for half a year for free! In order to give back to the support of fans, the organizer of Shandong International Auto Show has set up a heavy lottery for this exhibition. The ultimate prize is the half-year use right of Janice GV80, as well as exquisite prizes such as LCD TV and washing machine. The series of prizes will be drawn on the spot under the witness of the notary office. The key is that there is no threshold for this lottery. As long as fans go to the scene to scan the QR code of the lottery and fill in the information, they will enter the lottery pool, and all kinds of prizes will have the opportunity to come to them, which makes them feel beautiful. I saw the car, photographed the car model, bought the car I wanted, and there are rich prizes waiting to be won. Isn’t this the best thing in December?

Reduce the price to "unbelievable"

How fierce is the competition in the auto market? Consumers who have seen cars know that dealers who sell cars know that all kinds of new cars equipped with the latest technology are constantly entering the market and impacting market share. The key is that the prices are particularly attractive. A friend told reporters a few days ago: "What do you think of Ai Ruiya from Dongfeng Nissan? Before entering the market, it was more than 260,000, and then the official price was reduced. But now the old terminal has a battery life of more than 180,000 kilometers. I have been paying attention to it before, but I just think it is too expensive. Now it falls into an acceptable range and is ready to win it at the auto show. " In this regard, he feels very excited, and the big price reduction of Italian cars is probably the best thing to buy a car at the end of the year. The discount is far more than that. For example, the Buick new energy SUV E5, which was listed some time ago, showed the determination of traditional car companies to defend the new energy track at a price of over 200,000 yuan. However, this car recently launched a pioneer version with a price of only 169,900 yuan. Although the configuration has been adjusted, the configuration related to driving comfort and safety is all there. A new energy joint venture SUV with a length of nearly 4.9 meters is less than 170,000 yuan. Can you think of this? There are too many surprises at the auto show. Traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles are "rolled up", while new energy vehicles are not allowed to each other in configuration. The models equipped with laser radar are less than 200,000, and medium and large SUVs like Feifan R7 are equipped with Bach cockpit, which is only 189,900 yuan, which is great value!

It is reported that the participating models of Shandong International Auto Show are very complete, and various hot-selling brand coefficients are present. According to the latest statistics, the participating brands include Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, AMG, Lexus, Cadillac, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Janice, SMART, Lincoln, BMW MINI, imported Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle, Ford Zongheng, Volvo New Energy, Maserati, Hongqi, Equation Leopard, Ideal, Tengshi, Haobo, Lan. AITO Automobile, Tank, Zhijie Automobile, Feifan Automobile, Aouita, Polar Fox, Polar Star, Zhiji Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Zero Run Automobile, Changan Deep Blue, Geometric Automobile, FAW-Volkswagen, Jetta, dongfeng fengshen, Dongfeng Scenery, Dongfeng Popular, Guangqi Honda, Beijing Hyundai, Guangqi Honda New Energy, WEY (Wei Brand), Euler, Ruilan, Changan Mazda. Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, SAIC Volkswagen, Skoda, SAIC Datong Passenger Car, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Citroen, Lectra, Buick, Changan Ford, BYD, Beijing Automobile, Great Wall Haval, Geely Automobile, BAIC Manufacturing, Virtue RV, Datong RV, etc.

Go, go, go Watch the car lottery

Regarding the lucky draw, I believe that many fans have always faced it with a "dubious" attitude, as many friends have said, "If you give something, what good things can there be"! Before that, in order to make this Shandong International Auto Show the "most dazzling star" of the exhibition at the end of the year, the organizer can be said to have taken pains to carefully set up the lucky draw activities, and all kinds of prizes were piled up. For example, the ultimate prize was the half-year right to use the GV80 2.5T As for this model, you can go to the GV80 booth at the Shandong International Auto Show site and have a look. It is full of luxury and various configurations, with a price of 672,800 yuan. Moreover, a few months ago, the reporter commented on GV80, which is equipped with a 2.5T four-wheel drive power system. It has no sense of driving control, and there are five, six and seven seats to choose from to meet the needs of the whole family. What’s important is that the luxury atmosphere inside the car is really strong. After all, it is the brand of Mercedes-Benz BMW. No matter the stitching, color matching and even the smell inside of the car, people will feel that this car is not cheap.

There is only one grand prize, and everyone will definitely not be satisfied. For this reason, the organizers have also specially invested in LCD TVs, washing machines and other prizes, all of which are affordable products for everyone. In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the lottery, fans need to go to the designated location of Shandong International Auto Show, scan the special QR code and fill in their personal real information, and enter the lottery pool. The prizes will be drawn under the witness of the staff of Qingdao Notary Office, and the lottery procedures and links will be guaranteed to be true and effective.

A variety of heavy new cars will be unveiled.

It is reported that this year’s Shandong International Auto Show will open the No.1, No.2 and No.4 pavilions, and the heavyweight new cars of major brands will shine on the booth. For example, Tesla Huan’s new Model3, Aouita 12, Haobo HT, BYD Song L, Kia EV5, Zhijie S7, BRONCO Fierce Horse, Ranger …

"The Ranger has just been exhibited at the Guangzhou Auto Show. At this Shandong International Auto Show, it will also be unveiled together with BRONCO Fierce Horse and F150 Raptor. At present, this pickup truck is in the pre-sale stage, and it has been delivered one after another at the end of December, with a price of 158,800 yuan. This new car was made at Shandong Auto Show, just in time to catch up with a wave of benefits, such as the first owner’s lifetime engine, gearbox original factory warranty, 5 years of free traffic, 3,000 yuan of vertical and horizontal coupons, 3 years of free road rescue, up to 3 years of financial interest-free or 1 year of interest-free half-payment and half-loan. If you book before December 12th, you can add an extra 2,000 yuan of vertical and horizontal coupons, and the value of 3,000 yuan of Danxia orange is limited to free car color. "Guo Shenggan, marketing director of Ford’s vertical and horizontal Qingdao Fuyue longitudinal enjoyment space, said that for this Shandong International Auto Show, they have made full preparations to offer a cross-country feast for island city consumers.

It is worth mentioning that from December 8 to 11, 2023, the 15th Shandong International Auto Show will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, located at No.9 Miao Ling Road, Laoshan District. Its high popularity can not be separated from the support of this venue’s complete facilities and excellent geographical location. Apart from convenient parking and strong hardware of the exhibition hall, there are shopping centers such as Lida and Golden Lion around the auto show, so consumers can take a leisure parent-child tour while choosing cars. And if you plan to go to the exhibition by public transportation, you can take the subway to the convention and exhibition center, get on at any station of Metro Line 11, and get off at the convention and exhibition center station. If you take Metro Line 2, you can get on at any stop and get off at Miao Ling Road Station.

"Invincible Destroyer 2" teaches you how to become a online celebrity with an annual salary of one million.

Special feature of 1905 film network It was officially released today.


The reputation is good, and Douban scored 8.7 points, which is the same as the previous work.


In 2012, it came out and was once considered as the best animation of the year. However, I never imagined that in the award season of that year, wreck-it ralph, which swept everything, was cut off by his own Pixar animation studio at the last minute.


This time in the movie, Disney did not forget to take it out for the last "failure". In the scene where 14 princesses gather together, other princesses directly make fun of Merida in Brave Legend — — “She is from another STUDIO”。

Although in a brand-new animation, everyone was attracted by colorful Disney elements eggs. With a random screenshot, you can count nearly 10 eggs.

However, returning to the series itself, its greatest attraction is far more than just looking for eggs.


It represents the magic of Disney animation for the whole family:Children can see the joys and sorrows in animation and find the charm of friendship; Adults can also find the bowl of "chicken soup" in the moment.

This time, the subtitle of the animation is called "Make a scene on the Internet". Disney once again broke our conventional thinking. He used simple WiFi signals to send Ralph, the king of destruction, and Winnipeg, the little girl, to the internet world. This time, they completely broke the "wall" of the Internet and showed the audience a real Internet world, a brand-new "electronic planet".


Here, you can see the unique apps of various countries, including Tmall, QQ, Weibo and Cat’s Eye in China, all of which have regional characteristics.

Not only that, but the whole setting is also very interesting.


For example, the role of know-it-all, which is the front desk of a search engine, is also the first new friend Ralph and Winnipeg made after they came to the Internet world. Here, you can ask all kinds of things you want to know. If the role setting is that simple, then you underestimate Disney’s intentions.

Know-it-all is best at making a series of Lenovo guesses immediately according to the user’s past search traces when the user utters a word. Is it the same as your usual state of searching with a certain degree?

What’s more interesting is that the Internet suddenly drops off on weekdays and you can’t access it. In Invincible Destroyer 2, it all comes down to Destroyer.


Generally speaking, "Invincible Destroyer 2" is an Internet instruction manual.


Of course, "Invincible Destroyer 2" is the correct way to open online celebrity for other people.


The following is a little about spoilers, so please take it with caution.


1. How to become online celebrity?


In the movie, the handle of the game machine Sweet Shock was damaged directly because of Ralph and Winnipeg’s "self-persistence" in the arcade.


Under the guidance of customers, the owner of the game hall found the only handle for sale on eBay, but it was discouraged because of the high price. Of course, Ralph wouldn’t miss the opportunity to save his friends. In a flash of inspiration, he took Yunilo through the WIFI router and went to the Internet world to find the only handle of the Sweet Shock game console.

Although they found the handle on eBay at a certain time, the two people who are not familiar with the network existence suffered from the price.


Of course, the story will not end so simply.


The two went back to find the "Mr. Pop-up Window" they first met on the Internet in order to get more funds. In the tug-of-war of funds, the two soon met our favorite wonder woman, no, the "flash sister" in this movie.

After understanding the confusion of the two people, Sister Flash skillfully "teased" lavr, took a video and posted it on the popular website BuzzzTube, and enthusiastically recommended the algorithm director of BuzzzTube to them — — Sister Zan (Yesss).


Unexpectedly, Ralph’s little video went viral on BuzzzTube.

Why did Ralph’s "surprise" completely explode? Because it is "novel" enough,


Just like in the animation, the official spit from Zanjie, the current video is nothing more than children, cats, pranks, or private cooking. Doesn’t this phenomenon properly correspond to the performance of the real Internet?

Returning to the real Internet, on the most popular short video platform such as a certain sound and a certain TV, netizens are obsessed with children selling cute mistakes, keen on raising cats in the cloud, or endless pranks. The rules of the game are also very simple. Everyone can leave a message, like it or share it with more friends for secondary dissemination.


Many people’s initial explosions are mostly out of novelty consciousness, and netizens are more or less curious to watch and eat melons, thus bringing more attention.


Come on, Xiao Dianjun will give you a simple example. Recently, on the Internet, Lu Chao was frequently brainwashed by his "true goodness". At first, it was discussed by netizens. Recently, more and more people began to imitate his speech mode, and later, it was imitated by Guo Jingfei, who was once successful in "out of the circle".

It can be seen that the first step to becoming online celebrity is to take it by surprise.


2. How to maintain online celebrity traffic?


We always say that it is more difficult to maintain than to start.


In the internet age, information is updated so quickly. How can Ralph keep a video? In the movie, Ralph soon flopped, and the number of likes did not increase rapidly. Ralph, who has just been appreciated by Zanjie, was immediately rejected by BuzzzTube’s internal staff.

So, what should we do?


Ralph immediately showed a strong network spirit and imitated all kinds of featured videos on the network. Sure enough, Ralph’s performance won everyone’s crazy praise and sharing.


However, if we look at Ralph’s subsequent works, it is nothing more than a little joke that was once popular on the Internet — — Scream like a donkey and eat abnormal peppers … … However, these videos have aroused everyone’s pursuit and love. For a time, Ralph became the hottest online celebrity on the BuzzzTube platform.


In fact, this point is projected in the real network world, and that’s all.

The second step after maintaining online celebrity:A work of quantity.


Nowadays, many online celebrity will enter the "bottleneck period" of creation after their unexpected popularity. Especially after that, strong newcomers are constantly emerging, and those who no longer have new works will soon be replaced.


Some people begin to enter the repetitive black hole. Although different new works are constantly introduced, behind these works, most of them have been remaking those works that have been on the Internet, which is their own innovation and has dropped significantly.


However, for Ralph, he has a third step to success:feelings.


After all, Ralph came from many people’s childhood games, and Quick Hand Hugh also represents the childhood feelings of those people. When he appeared in various spoof videos, he instantly stabbed everyone’s feelings and memories. Just like when wreck-it ralph came out, the classic characters in arcade game in the past reappeared one by one, showing warmth and nostalgia.

With such a background, online celebrity is a cute girl. How can we not give more praise? Just like … … It is hard for us to refuse Pikachu to be cute.

3. One thing online celebrity should pay attention to.


When you become online celebrity, you must remember one thing: refuse blx.


In the movie, because of a small accident, Ralph accidentally broke into the message area of BuzzzTube platform. In addition to seeing everyone’s praise, he could not help but see some "black powder" criticisms.

At this time, Zan Jie appeared and told Ralph that he must not read these comment areas.


In fact, this point in reality, the same reason exists. In the current network world, it is inevitable to meet some "network sprayers" or "keyboard men". They are too used to classifying themselves as "heterogeneous", going against the public, and punishing them everywhere for their short breath.


In the online world, many people are thinking with emotions, which has nothing to do with rational expression. Simply expressing one’s preferences in the network is less smooth in reality, but in many cases, the speaker has no intention, but the listener has intention. Some of the content is simply the vent of the other party’s pure emotions, but everything becomes less interesting when it becomes true.


While being yourself on the internet, stay away from those unpleasant voices. After all, online celebrity still speaks with his works.


Perhaps this is why Xiao Dianjun likes Invincible Destroyer 2 so much. It accurately captures the characteristics of Internet culture. Everyone can see its little beauty from their own perspective.


Perhaps, from Zanjie’s perspective, we will see the working logic as a product operator.


Probably, this is the most magical magic of Disney animation.

The Information Office of the Autonomous Region Government held a press conference on optimizing the business environment of enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On December 15th, the Information Office of the Autonomous Region Government held a press conference on optimizing the business environment of enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Feng Ye, the second inspector of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration, and Guan Junshan, director of the Registration Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration, made keynote speeches. Huang Zhanming, deputy head of the special detachment of the Public Security Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Li Wei, deputy director of the Data Management Department of the Social Insurance Service Center of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Wan Dong, deputy director of the Collection and Technology Development Department of the Inner Mongolia Taxation Bureau of State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China, Chen Jian, a first-class researcher of the Housing Security and Provident Fund Supervision Department of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Yang Guangxing, deputy director of the Payment and Settlement Department of the Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China, attended the press conference and answered questions.


Speech at the press conference on optimizing the business environment of enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Second Inspector of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration Feng ye

Since the beginning of this year, the market supervision bureau of the autonomous region, the public security department, the human resources and social welfare department, the housing and construction department, the State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China Inner Mongolia Taxation Bureau, and the Hohhot Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China have conscientiously implemented the spirit of the conference on optimizing the business environment in the whole region, focused on key points, cooperated with each other, insisted on being quick but not slow, few but not many, simple and not complicated, and benchmarked the start-up level of enterprises in advanced areas in China, integrated departmental strength, overcome obstacles, and solved structural contradictions.The overall goal of "one day settlement" is to introduce specific reform measures such as "one form to fill in", "one window to handle", "one network to handle", "one authentication" and "one photo to pass", effectively promoting enterprises to apply for business licenses, seal engraving, apply for invoices, social security registration, deposit registration of provident fund enterprises, bank appointment to open accounts, etc., to re-compress the start-up time, re-optimize services and improve the business environment.

The first is to implement"one form to fill in"When submitting materials for the establishment of an enterprise, integrate the statutory submission requirements of market supervision, public security, human society, housing construction, taxation, banking and other departments, and handle all matters to submit materials.18 items, only 6 items of business license submission materials, one form can know and fill in the start-up items.

The second is promotion."one window for handling", oriented by the needs of enterprises, set up cross-departmental comprehensive acceptance windows in government affairs halls at all levels, equip enterprises with self-service terminals, set up special personnel to conduct on-site guidance, and provide electronic business licenses and express delivery of licenses."Never meet" service, vigorously promote the handheld "e-registration" into banks, communities, campuses and entrepreneurial bases, and extend the government service window for enterprises to enterprises.

The third is to upgrade."One Netcom Office", improve the service platform for enterprise start-up, increase the functions of public security, human society, housing construction, taxation, banking and other matters, and enhance enterprise start-up"e-registration" function, the mobile phone "handheld" system is built, and the whole process of "zero meeting, zero intervention and zero waiting" is intelligently approved without manual intervention; Strengthen the cooperation between government and banks, take advantage of many banking outlets and good service, access a network platform, handle business licenses on behalf of others, and implement the activities of opening accounts and sending seals free of charge.

The fourth is to implement"One-time authentication", add identity authentication, face comparison and intelligent identification functions in the enterprise start-up system to solve the problem of repeated identity authentication of applicants in handling business licenses, tax registration, social security registration, deposit registration of provident fund enterprises, bank account opening appointment, etc., and realize one-time authentication, mutual recognition of results and compression of authentication links when handling business licenses.

The fifth is to realize"One photo passes"The electronic business license is used as a legal and effective identification and electronic signature means for online business registration, official seal engraving, tax-related services, social security registration, housing provident fund enterprise deposit registration, bank account opening and other businesses. Interconnect the electronic seal and the entity seal system, share the data of enterprise registration and seal making, recreate the process of enterprise seal engraving, and promote"Paperless" approval. The market supervision department will receive, display and apply 16 kinds of licenses such as food business license, industrial product production license, special equipment installation license and electronic business license, and all of them will be under the name of the market subject. Our region has become the sixth province in China to apply enterprise electronic seal in the field of government affairs and the third province in China to integrate electronic license and electronic business license.

In order to promote and optimize the business environment of enterprises, we have successively implemented the standardization of enterprise name, business scope, residence and business premises, simple cancellation, application of electronic business license,Reforms such as "separation of licenses" should be guided by the needs of enterprises, and the whole process of online operation, mobile phone operation and bank operation should be promoted. Online and offline services should be accepted without distinction and handled with the same standards, so as to minimize the threshold for starting enterprises, simplify the conditions for starting enterprises and optimize the level of government services.

Through the innovative implementation of inclusive and functional reform policies, the optimization of business environment for enterprises has been promoted from point to point, from single matter to system integration, from single department to collaborative linkage, thus ensuring the establishment of enterprises.The "one-day completion" measures have been effective, and the start-up period of enterprises in our district has been reduced to one, and the start-up time has been reduced to one day. The electronic seals of the start-up costs have been distributed free of charge, and some municipal governments have contributed to give away the physical seals for free, which has greatly stimulated the development vitality of market players, created a good business start-up environment, and formed a replicable and scalable practice. In the first 11 months of this year, the market entities in our region continued to maintain a steady growth momentum. There were 350,800 newly registered market entities in the region, including 83,400 enterprises and 263,700 individual industrial and commercial households. The total number of various market entities grew to 2,378,300, a year-on-year increase of 5.32%. The registered capital (gold) reached 6,275.013 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.23%. The largest increase was in private enterprises, which increased from 440,700 at the end of November 2020 to 482,400, with a net increase of 41,700, a year-on-year increase of 947%.





内蒙古自治区市场监督管理局登记注册局局长 Guanjunshan

Initiative 1: Start a business"One-day settlement".On September 29th, 2021, Mr. Yang from Wulanmulun Town, Ejinhoro Banner, Erdos City went to the government service hall to consult about the start-up of the enterprise. After listening to the window staff’s introduction of the required materials and handling procedures, he immediately decided to register on the spot. After a simple online report, I received the business license of Ordos Xuchang Yeyang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in 1.5 hours, and the seal engraving and tax registration were completed at the same time. By the end of November this year, the start-up time of newly-established enterprises in the whole region had been reduced from an average of three working days last year to "one-day completion", and 85.6% of them were completed in 0.5 days. The convenience of enterprise start-up has further inspired the confidence of entrepreneurs and created a relaxed and equal market access environment.

Initiative 2: Multiple issues"One Netcom Office".On September 28th, 2021, Alashan League Mineral Energy Geological Survey Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Alashan Market Supervision Administration. At the same time of obtaining the business license, the seal engraving and filing, tax registration and social security registration applied by the company were also completed. I thought it would take 4 departments and 3 days for an enterprise to start business, and it took only 1.5 hours to start a "One Netcom" platform through an enterprise in Inner Mongolia. At present, the "One Netcom" platform launched by enterprises in Inner Mongolia has completed 668,000 person-times and 435,000 joint operations, benefiting 327,000 enterprises, and it has become a powerful position to integrate enterprise start-up matters, open up a comprehensive business handling platform for multiple departments and realize "one thing at a time".

Initiative 3: Departmental data"quick sharing".On December 9, 2021, Mr. Wang from Saihan District, Hohhot applied for registration of Hohhot Chaoju Optical Glasses Co., Ltd. at 15: 22 through the company’s "One Netcom" platform, and at the same time checked the joint business of public security seal, tax registration and social security registration. After 12 minutes, the departments of public security, taxation, and social security quickly completed their respective businesses through one-time reporting and real-time sharing of data between departments, and the results were fed back to Mr. Wang through the enterprise’s "One Netcom" platform. Since the launch of the "One Netcom" platform for enterprises in our region, more than 1.72 million pieces of information have been exchanged and shared between the departments of market supervision, public security, taxation, human society, housing construction, banking and other enterprises. Through cross-departmental data transmission, 12 kinds of application materials for enterprise start-up have been reduced, 32 pieces of information have been collected repeatedly, and the data transmission time has been reduced to 15 minutes.

Initiative 4: Newly established enterprises"Free stamp".On April 14th, 2021, the applicant, Mr. Xu, selected an enterprise to offer the "six-in-one" package service through the comprehensive acceptance window in the government service hall of Xilin Gol League, and submitted and handled the business license, official seal engraving and filing, tax registration, social security registration, housing provident fund deposit registration, bank appointment account opening, and received the local government bill, and carved three corporate, financial and legal person seals for the enterprise free of charge. As of the end of November this year, the 12 cities in the region were all

Take local finance orThe way of "cooperation between government and banks" realized free seal engraving for newly established enterprises in the Union City or some counties, and sent out 45,000 entity seals in total, which reduced the start-up cost of enterprises and promoted "zero cost" for enterprises.

Initiative 5: Identification"Mutual recognition".On November 4th, 2021, Ms. Hu from Naiman Banner of Tongliao City registered with Inner Mongolia enterprises to start the "e-registration" APP. After identification and business confirmation, she successfully handled the business of Tongliao Xiangwei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and simultaneously chose to apply for the invoice business from the tax authorities online. On November 29, 2021, Ms. Hu came to the tax window to receive the invoice. The tax department immediately remotely obtained the results of the identity authentication of the legal representative, financial controller and manager when the enterprise was established and registered by the market supervision department, and directly received the required invoice for Ms. Hu. Up to now, through the establishment of a mutual recognition mechanism between the departments that started the enterprises, the enterprises in the autonomous region have provided 1.571 million person-times with identity authentication services, and the relevant departments of the enterprises have called the identity information for 461,000 times, and 172,000 people have realized the "authentication-free" service.

Initiative 6: Intelligent approval"Do it at your fingertips".On December 8, 2021, Ms. Chen from Pingzhuang Town, yuanbaoshan district City, Chifeng City learned in the enterprise opening area of yuanbaoshan district Municipal Affairs Service Center that Inner Mongolia enterprises could handle the intelligent approval without human intervention when they opened the "e-registration" mobile phone, so they used the mobile phone for 30 minutes to simply fill in the form and submitted the application for starting the enterprise to the system. Almost at the same time, they received the SMS notification from "e-registration" that the approval had passed and they could obtain the business license, and successfully obtained the whole process of "intelligent approval" without human intervention. On June 10th this year, enterprises in Inner Mongolia started "e-registration" to increase the intelligent examination and approval function of enterprises, and handled business for 935 limited liability companies and 3,998 individual industrial and commercial households, which promoted enterprises to start "from window to palm" and realized the leap of examination and approval time from day to minute.

Initiative 7: Electronic Certificate"integrated application".On November 19th, 2021, Hulunbeier Jiner Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., Xing ‘an League Kewei Food Co., Ltd., Bayannaoer Hongyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and Erenhot Guolian Inspection Technology Service Co., Ltd. added several electronic licenses such as food production, industrial product production, qualification identification of inspection and testing institutions, etc. These licenses originally belonged to different licensing items, and unified collection and application with the national electronic business license system as the issuing subject was realized for the first time. Our region has become the third province in China to realize the unified collection and application of electronic licenses and electronic business licenses. At present, it has issued a total of 2.391 million electronic business licenses to market players in the region, and generated and collected 339,000 licenses related to 17 types of enterprises, such as food circulation licenses and special equipment manufacturing licenses, which provided a strong guarantee for enterprises to reduce links, materials and time limits for follow-up government services.

Initiative 8: Electronic Seal"synchronous distribution".On June 16, 2021, Inner Mongolia Fengling Trading Co., Ltd. was successfully established in Jiuyuan District, Baotou City. Ms. Ma, the legal representative, received the free physical seal, and at the same time, the electronic receipt stamped with the enterprise electronic seal was printed out synchronously with the business license. This is the first enterprise in the whole region to receive and use the enterprise electronic seal, which also makes our region the sixth province in China to realize the simultaneous issuance and integrated application of the enterprise electronic seal and electronic business license, and is listed as the national enterprise electronic seal by the General Administration of Market Supervision. Up to now, the enterprise electronic seal management system in our district has collected 159,000 electronic stamps for legal filing through the public security department, and all of them have generated electronic seals for free distribution and application to enterprises, which has provided support for the application of enterprise electronic seals in the government affairs field of the whole district.

Initiative 9: Cooperation between government and banks"improve service".On November 16, 2021, Ms. Li of Wulanchabu successfully applied for the establishment of Wulanchabu Tongda Distribution Service Co., Ltd. with the help of the agent of Wulanchabu New District Branch of China Construction Bank. While obtaining the business license through the self-service photo-taking equipment equipped by the bank, she simultaneously handled the bank account opening business, received the free seal presented by the bank, and started the business in one stop. There are 15 "government-bank cooperation" banks set up by enterprises in our region, and 1,272 "government-bank cooperation" agency outlets have been set up, covering 87 counties and districts in 14 league cities, providing business start-up services for 11,212 enterprises, reducing various expenses for enterprises by more than 26 million yuan, and promoting the complementary advantages of government affairs and finance and service integration.

Initiative 10: Business license"open office in different places".On June 27th, 2021, Mr. Wang of Guoneng (Beijing) New Energy Co., Ltd. went to the opening window of enterprises in Hainan District, Wuhai City to consult how to handle branch matters. The window staff demonstrated in detail the operation process and submission materials of self-service application. After Mr. Wang returned to Beijing, he set up Wuhai Branch of Guoneng (Beijing) New Energy Co., Ltd. through the "One Netcom" platform set up by Inner Mongolia enterprises. According to statistics, since the launch of the "One Netcom" platform by enterprises in Inner Mongolia, a total of 96,000 people have handled 169,000 enterprise-related businesses outside the region through the Internet, effectively solving the difficulties and pain points such as running many places and going back and forth, high cost and long time-consuming, and further improving the convenience level of enterprise-run services.


Press conference on optimizing business environment for enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region


Inner Mongolia Daily reporterWe have noticed that since the beginning of this year, the State Administration of Market Supervision has put forward requirements for the start-up of enterprises, and the start-up time of enterprises has been continuously reduced to4 working days. Excuse me, how does the market supervision bureau of the autonomous region, as the lead department, guarantee this work goal and what measures have been taken?

GuanjunshanFirst of all, I would like to thank this reporter for his question, and I will give a brief answer to the above questions.

Since the beginning of the year, especially after the meeting of optimizing the business environment held by the Party Committee of the autonomous region, as the leading department of optimizing the start-up of enterprises in the autonomous region, we feel a great responsibility.According to the general requirements of "benchmarking domestic advanced", combined with the actual situation of enterprises in our region, we put forward the working goal of "completing the business in one day" on the basis of the national requirement of completing the business within 4 working days. In order to ensure the smooth realization of this goal, we have mainly done the following specific work: First, in view of the problem of different standards of registration at the grass-roots level, we issued the Notice on unifying enterprise registration standards and further optimizing the business environment for enterprises; Second, in order to solve the problem of imperfect software and hardware for enterprises to provide government services, we jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Improving the Level of Market Supervision Government Services and Optimizing the Business Environment" with the Government Service Bureau; Third, in order to solve the problem that the "One Netcom Office" platform does not support the mobile terminal to handle enterprise start-up, an intelligent approval business system without human intervention is built, and the enterprise registration and electronic business license can be completed through the mobile phone in an average of 40 minutes; Fourth, in order to solve the problems of inaccurate, unsmooth and multiple authentications of applicants for business start-up, the face comparison and real-name authentication system were upgraded and the function of living body detection was added, which realized one-time authentication and multi-department application when handling business licenses; Fifth, in order to solve the problem of high start-up cost of enterprises, the electronic seal of enterprises was built and applied online for free, becoming the sixth province in China to realize the application of electronic seal in the field of government affairs, and promoting seven municipal governments to pay for the free engraving of seals for new start-up enterprises; Sixth, in view of the inconvenient location for handling licenses, we jointly promoted "cooperation between government and banks" with the People’s Bank of China, and opened 1,272 bank-assisted agency outlets in the whole region.And gradually realize that enterprises use electronic business licenses to open bank accounts, and some banks also carry out the activity of "sending seals to banks for free".

These measures have effectively facilitated the start-up of enterprises, further stimulated the development vitality of market players, and won valuable time for enterprises to quickly enter the market and seize the opportunities.

Inner Mongolia Radio and TV reporterWhat has the public security department done to further optimize the business environment in our district?

Huang zhanming: First, build a seal security management information system. The system can be connected with the big data platform of the official seal of the Ministry of Public Security, the police comprehensive platform of the Public Security Department and the comprehensive management platform within the public security organs, so as to realize the nationwide query, comparison and identification of seal data. At the same time, we canceled the examination and approval of seal engraving, implemented filing management, and included seal engraving for filing."Multi-certification in one", the market supervision department collects the enterprise registration information and shares it with the public security organ, and the enterprise will not repeatedly submit relevant materials to the public security organ. The second is to implement the notification and commitment system for the administrative license of seal engraving industry, without setting quantitative restrictions. Before the implementation of the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, the seal engraving unit set up seal engraving enterprises according to the number of local economies, which limited the effective competition of engraving enterprises. After the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, enterprises that apply for seal engraving according to law can send it to the backstage of the "internet plus" public security government service system through the "Inner Mongolia Public Security" APP, and the county-level public security organs will approve the establishment if they meet the requirements. Third, the security management information system of the seal industry in the whole region will be officially connected to the "One Netcom" platform and the government service integration platform set up by enterprises in the autonomous region. When enterprises register for business licenses, the market supervision department will collect relevant information on seal engraving together, which will be pushed to the seal management system by the "One Netcom" platform. After the seal is made, the seal engraving unit will submit all real-time information such as stamp information and stamp-using unit information to the public security organ for filing through the seal system platform. At present, seal-using units can freely choose legal seal engraving enterprises to handle seal engraving business across leagues (cities) and flags (counties, districts) in the whole region, thus realizing "one network for seal engraving" in the whole region. There are 737 seal engraving enterprises in the whole region that have installed and used the seal information management system. Since the seal industry public security management information system was put into operation in November 2020, more than 420,000 seals have been engraved on the online platform.It has been well received by the majority of seal engraving enterprises and seal-using units. Fourth, the implementation of the time limit commitment system, seal engraving industry special industry license to complete the administrative examination and approval within 7 working days, in conjunction with the autonomous region market supervision, taxation and other relevant departments to reduce the start-up time of enterprises to 3 working days, seal engraving in 1 working day to complete. Fifth, cooperate with market supervision departments to promote the generation and application of electronic seals. The market supervision department of the autonomous region relies on enterprises to set up a Netcom platform to issue electronic business licenses and electronic seals. The generation of electronic seals is in accordance with the seal management measures of public security organs, and the public security organs provide the impression of entity seals to generate electronic seals synchronously, which will be issued synchronously with the electronic business licenses, so as to achieve the same effect as the entity seals and provide better services for enterprises. At present, our office has completed the construction of the data transmission channel between the "One Netcom" platform set up by the market supervision bureau and the seal information system of our office, provided the physical seal impression, and completed the data sharing of the seal impression and the "One Netcom" platform set up by the enterprise.

Hohhot Evening News reporterExcuse me, what achievements have been made by the human and social departments in reducing the start-up time of enterprises?

Wei LiThanks for this reporter’s question, so I’d like to introduce the measures taken by the human and social departments to reduce the start-up time of enterprises and the results achieved.

All along, the People’s Social Welfare Department of the Autonomous Region and the people’s social welfare departments at all levels in the region have attached great importance to optimizing the business environment and fully implemented it.The requirements of the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, starting from the aspects of reducing work links, canceling work materials, simplifying work processes, etc., have made every effort to reduce the time limit for handling all kinds of services related to enterprises, people and society. In particular, businesses such as insurance registration and labor relations, which are closely related to the establishment of enterprises, have been handled online, and the insurance registration business has achieved zero errands and instant settlement.

First, in terms of social insurance registration. Incorporate social security registration into the enterprise registration link, cancel the issuance of social insurance registration certificates, and all the information required for social security registration is passed by the market supervision department."One Netcom" platform acquisition; The obtained enterprise registration information will be sent to the social security agency where the enterprise is registered in real time, and the enterprise social insurance registration will be completed in real time.

The second is in optimizing the service process. Service matters of our office in human societyOn the basis of "one network office", we will fully promote the comprehensive teller system "one window office" service model of "comprehensive acceptance at the front desk, classified approval at the back desk and unified delivery at the window".

The third is in information facilitation. Developed a comprehensive teller system for people and society in the whole region.The "one window" information platform integrates multiple subsystems such as comprehensive acceptance, task scheduling, business monitoring and electronic archives. It has realized the enterprise’s "one online communication, one offline window communication".

China Economic Weekly reporterSince the beginning of this year, what specific measures has the tax bureau taken to improve the service level of enterprises?

Wan Dong:Since the beginning of this year, the tax bureau has thoroughly implemented the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s policy on deepening"streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, decision-making and deployment to optimize the business environment, further implement the spirit of the conference on optimizing the business environment in the whole region, strictly implement the relevant requirements of local party committees, governments and the State Administration of Taxation, cooperate with the autonomous region market supervision administration and other enterprises to start multi-sectors, fully implement the measures to optimize enterprise start-up, and continuously improve the service level of enterprise start-up. The tax bureau mainly adopts the following measures to promote enterprises to start, improve quality and increase efficiency:

The first is to reduce time. this yearIn August, the market supervision bureau and the tax bureau of the autonomous region reduced the data transmission time of the two departments from 70 minutes to 4 to 10 minutes by optimizing the information transmission mechanism, cutting down the data transmission links and promoting direct data communication, so as to achieve quasi-real time, reduce the start-up time of enterprises, effectively improve the start-up experience of enterprises, realize the "non-inductive joint operation" of the start-up matters of municipal supervision and tax enterprises, and ensure that the market participants can complete the start-up matters of enterprises within one working day.

The second is to shrink the link. this yearIn September, the market supervision bureau and the tax bureau of the autonomous region further strengthened the sharing of real-name information. After the real-name identity information of the municipal supervision department was collected, the tax department no longer collected it repeatedly, and directly verified the application when handling tax real-name matters, reducing the start-up links of enterprises and reducing taxpayers’ repeated real-name information collection.

The third is the pressure process. By relying on a network platform—— In the tax area, taxpayers fill in the Comprehensive Application Form for Tax-related Matters of Newly-established Enterprises to realize "one-form integration", and provide six set-meal services for the majority of market players, including registration information confirmation, invoice type verification, VAT general taxpayer registration and invoice collection.

Yang Guangwang reporterOpening a bank account is an important part of the enterprise’s start-up. What measures does the financial department take to optimize the bank account service?

Yang guangxingSince the beginning of this year, the Hohhot Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China has conscientiously implemented the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.The "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform and the deployment of "six guarantees" take the optimization of bank account service as an important measure of "I do practical things for the masses", focus on the account service needs that the masses are concerned about, and continue to optimize the bank account service level under the overall principle of "two reductions and two enhancements" in account management, and strive to improve the satisfaction of enterprises and the public in account opening services.

The first is to strengthen political and banking cooperation. Cooperate closely with the market supervision bureau of the autonomous region, promote the business license of bank outlets, and realize the joint operation of enterprises applying for registration and opening bank accounts. byBy the end of October, the region had signed more than 1,200 bank agency outlets, covering 12 allied cities in the region, and handled more than 20,000 business licenses and opened more than 6,700 bank accounts for enterprises through agency outlets. On this basis, it has guided commercial banks to actively realize multi-sector data sharing, and promoted commercial banks to make an appointment to open accounts and set up a "One Network Office" platform for enterprises in the autonomous region. At present, five institutions, including China Bank and the Association of the Autonomous Region, have completed access, covering more than 3,400 bank outlets in the whole region. Increase the application and promotion of electronic business licenses, encourage banks to actively equip electronic business license identification devices, and handle account opening business for enterprises holding electronic business licenses. Up to now, nearly 50% of the bank outlets in the region have the conditions to accept electronic business licenses.

The second is to reduce fees and make profits. Guide and urge banks and payment institutions in the jurisdiction to strictly implement the policy requirements for reducing the payment fees of small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and complete transitional preparations such as self-inspection of fees, price publicity, identification of small and micro enterprises, and system transformation on schedule. Strengthen policy transmission, guide and dispatch the implementation difficulties and work progress of fee reduction and profit reduction, and ensure that the fee reduction policy is implemented as scheduled. At present, the whole region is involved in related businesses.190 banks and 29 payment institutions have all officially implemented the policy of reducing payment fees on September 30. In the first month of the implementation of the fee reduction policy, the accumulated payment fees including account opening fees were reduced by about 15 million yuan, benefiting 710,000 small and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.

The third is to do a good job in research and supervision. The Party Committee of Hohhot Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China attaches great importance to the work of opening accounts for small and micro enterprises and individuals. The main responsible comrades and leaders in charge of the branch personally led a team to sink into the front line and went deep into many bank outlets in Hohhot and Qixian to conduct unannounced visits. People’s banks at all levels in the region have accumulatedMore than 4,900 bank outlets supervised the account service, and the coverage rate of outlets reached 93%. The survey shows that 99.63% of enterprises are satisfied with the account opening service, which shows that the overall convenience of opening an account in the autonomous region is good and can meet the needs of enterprises.

In the next step, Hohhot Central Sub-branch will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with market supervision, human society and housing construction departments, guide banks in the jurisdiction to continue to improve account services, and actively contribute to optimizing the business environment for enterprises in the autonomous region.

Hohhot radio and TV reporter: How to realize the deposit registration of housing provident fund enterprises through the establishment of a network platform by enterprises?

Chen JianRelying on an online platform to implement the deposit registration of housing provident fund enterprises can be online.The application for "filling in a form" is also a concrete measure to implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, deepen the "streamline administration, delegate power, strengthen regulation and improve services" reform, optimize the business environment, build a service-oriented government, and further optimize the services provided by enterprises. In the start-up process, enterprises can apply for online registration of housing provident fund enterprises through the "Mengchangkai" APP, the "One Netcom" platform opened by enterprises in autonomous regions, and the network halls of urban housing provident fund centers in various cities.

In order to ensure the realization of housing provident fund enterprise deposit registration"One Network Office", the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of the Autonomous Region organized and built a registration platform for housing provident fund deposit, which further shortened the start-up time of enterprises and improved the online processing efficiency of enterprises. There is a provident fund zone on the comprehensive service platform of market supervision in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which goes directly to the deposit registration page of enterprises in the urban housing provident fund center of each alliance city, further facilitating enterprises to handle the registration of housing provident fund deposit. Enterprises can also realize the change of registration, account opening and deposit information of online housing provident fund units through the online channel of "Inter-provincial General Office" of the housing provident fund centers in various cities, without geographical restrictions.

At the same time, in order to further simplify the start-up process of enterprises, enterprises that have registered the deposit of housing provident fund enterprises online through a network platform do not need to repeatedly authenticate and collect information when handling related businesses in the provident fund center.

Original inventory of Aauto Quicker’s top ten most influential online celebrity, Simba ranked unexpectedly, and Shijiazhuang Gou Lei was on the list.

Original title: Counting the top ten most influential online celebrity in Aauto Quicker, Simba was unexpectedly ranked, and Shijiazhuang Gou Lei was on the list.

Since the establishment of Aauto Quicker, many people have achieved fame and benefits, and gained a lot. Because their fame comes from the Internet, they are called online celebrity.

They have the same aura as the stars. There are countless people who like and worship them. They are willing to brush gifts for them, buy their products and even do everything they can for them.

Because of this, their influence is enormous, and their ability to organize and mobilize is super strong. Although some online celebrity can’t be broadcast live, their fans are still so iron and have been maintaining.

Taking stock today, who do you like best among the top ten most influential online celebrity in Aauto Quicker?

Tenth place: Zimbabwean aspiring (818)

He is a big brother in Aauto Quicker today, with a fan base close to 100 million yuan and a strong selling ability. However, he is lacking in life and a little arrogant, which is why many people don’t like him. He is a businessman with only interests in his eyes and no friends. Therefore, he is also the only person on the Internet who has no friends.

In his eyes, money can solve any problem. He thinks that spending money to increase fans in your live broadcast room is a fair deal, but ignores the fatal point, that is friendship. Because there are many things that can’t be measured by money. Therefore, many people spit out that he is the "king" with the least pattern and friendship.

Ninth place: Gaudi (Di Jiajun, Frozen Jiajun)

He is the original singer of "One Drunk by Drinking", tall and handsome, handsome and natural, taking the idol route, with a lot of iron powder behind his ass. Although he is married, he is still the dream lover in the eyes of many girls.

Recently, because the video of his "real" Simba apprentice’s balls exploded the whole network two years ago, he boarded a hot search.

Eighth place: Bai Xiaobai (321st Brigade)

From the duet actor to online celebrity, and then to the famous domestic singer, Bai Xiaobai’s road to fame is smooth. People of all ages have his fans, and there are many widely sung songs. The most important thing is that he has no scandal.

Recently, it was reported that Bai Xiaobai had already got married and had children, which triggered a hot discussion among netizens. His wife is very beautiful and her name is Dong He. He was also a duet actor. I heard that I am currently pregnant and ready to give birth to a girl.

Seventh place: Sanda Brother (Sanda Family)

Brother Sanda, because he often stays up late to broadcast live, he has poor hearing in one ear, which is also called "one ear". Because Sanda brother is known as the official "disciplinary committee member" in Aauto Quicker, someone named him "note beating".

Although there are more than 50 million fans, only a few thousand people watch it online in the live broadcast room, and the annoying fans name people "three thousand dozen".

Even so, Sanda Brother is still one of the most influential figures in Aauto Quicker, and has a prominent position among the major families in Aauto Quicker and is highly respected.

Sixth place: Erziye (Blue Shorts Brigade)

The second son, once one of the "three brothers of the donkey family", was called the godfather of gossip, the leader of high-end gossip, with first-class eloquence, intelligence and countless iron powders. The family’s fighting capacity is super strong, and once fought against Xianyang, it did not fall in the wind.

Fifth place: Tianjin Lisi (NZBZ)

Tianjin Lisi, formerly known as Yan Huasheng, is a veritable third generation of rich people. Before playing the Internet, he was already rich. He was a soldier and had all kinds of skills.

I remember the second son said that he played the Internet from a customer. With his growing fame, he gradually established the nzbz family. The family is not only powerful, but also cohesive. The spending power of fans is also very powerful.

Fourth place: Er Donkey’s (Donkey Family Class)

Two Donkeys, the king of entertainment talk shows in Aauto Quicker, has more than 40 million fans because of his funny and humorous live broadcast style. He used to be the king of popularity and income in Aauto Quicker from 2018 to 2019. Because of his high income, Aauto Quicker changed the cash withdrawal rules for him alone. (In the past, the maximum daily withdrawal was 100,000 yuan, but now it is 200,000 yuan).

Although it is now changed to e-commerce, people who like him still like it after all. Iron powder has always been there.

Third place: Shijiazhuang Gou Lei (no problem) Lei Jiajun

There is nothing wrong with Shijiazhuang, the originator of Internet Blackness. It can be said that Aauto Quicker is a veteran-level Internet sensation. Both his online qualifications and his fluent language are admirable, especially his idiosyncrasies, which are very real.

Because of the affair with A Niu Jr., something was found out again. It’s been a few months since I entered the palace, but now both of them are inside, and I don’t know if they are studying in a "university".

Second place: Qi Tiandao (Xiaotian) ~ Parents Group

Laughing with you at five o’clock every day, the outdoor male god Qi Tiandao, in Aauto Quicker, the name of the parents’ group is well known, and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, he was previously "walked" to "famous university" for fraud, and after several years of further study, he finally came out to turn over a new leaf.

A few days ago, leading the disciples to climb Mount Tai again indicates that the pace of return is getting closer and closer. If not unexpected, it will be premiered this month.

First place: abbot MC ~ (the door will last forever)

He is the most authentic and kind anchor of the whole network. He is bursting with positive energy and has a big pattern of thieves. It is not too much to describe him with indomitable spirit, openness and aboveboard. He is known as Aauto Quicker’s traffic password, the top stream of entertainment talk shows. The king of popularity, the king of talk shows.

Who do you like best? Welcome to leave a message below!

Editor in charge:

Heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Original title: heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Original title: heavy! The 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show kicked off this Saturday. Come to Guoxin Stadium to enjoy the "new car feast+huge discount".

Source: Popular Newspaper Peninsula News

Authoritative release uD83DuDD0A

2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show

Time: June 10th-11th (this Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: Qingdao Guoxin Stadium (No.3 Yinchuan East Road, Laoshan District)

Organizer: peninsula metropolis daily

A large outdoor auto show is coming! It’s in a prime location in downtown Qingdao! From June 10th to 11th, that is, this Saturday and Sunday, the 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show will be held in Qingdao Guoxin Stadium (No.3 Yinchuan East Road). At that time, more than 200 new cars of more than 60 brands will be unveiled, including luxury cars that riders love and new energy vehicles that are currently hot. The horizontal comparison is more convenient, and there are surprises when talking about discounts. This auto show should not be missed!

Luxury brands are the "vanguard"More than 200 mainstream models were unveiled.

For the auto show audience, what they like most is that all the "Italian cars" can be unveiled at the auto show, so it is more convenient to see and choose cars, and the auto show will not be in vain. In this regard, the organizers of this exhibition have made great efforts to collect mainstream hot-selling brands and models on the market at present. The reporter made a rough count. More than 200 models of more than 60 brands were unveiled at the exhibition and circled on the runway of Guoxin Stadium, which is convenient for the audience to watch slowly and choose carefully.

The brands participating in the auto show are mostly the strength in the market. Including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lincoln, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Hyper, Subaru, Jeep, Smart, BYD, Tengshi, AITO Wenjie, Feifan Automobile, Gaohe Automobile, Xpeng Motors, Hyperplatinum, Lantu, Zero Run Automobile, Nezha Automobile, Extremely Fox, Ford Electric Horse, Great Wall Haval, Wei Pai, Deep Blue Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an, etc. Changan Mazda, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Automobile, Lectra, SAIC Roewe, Auchan Automobile, FAW Pentium, MG MG, Dongfeng Scenery, Landelectric Automobile, Beijing Automobile and Hechuang Automobile were confirmed to appear at the auto show.

Luxury brands are the "vanguard", and the era of changing cars for consumers has been going on. Luxury models of more than 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan are the first choice, with high quality and good arrangement, which means that their life is getting better and better. The most important thing is that the prices of luxury models are very cheap now. Take Lincoln Z as an example, the body length is close to the 5-meter mark, and the ultra-wide central control screen is used, which directly extends from the driving side to the co-pilot side, which is quite scientific and technological, and the price is less than 25%. In addition, like the Land Rover Discovery Sports car, the current discount is more than 100,000 yuan, and the plug-in hybrid model can be won at a minimum of 280,000 yuan. You can also hang a green card, eliminating the purchase tax of tens of thousands of yuan, which makes you feel excited. Luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have more than 200,000 yuan of entry-level models coming to the scene, and the preferential margin is large enough to come to the scene to negotiate the price of buying a car.

New energy vehicles become the biggest bright spotTengshi N7, Hyper GT, etc. will debut.

Undoubtedly, the current momentum of new energy vehicles is strong, and the low cost and worry-free maintenance make it more advantageous in the urban car scene. The reporter roughly calculated an account. If the fuel consumption of an oil vehicle is 10 liters per 100 kilometers and it travels 20,000 kilometers a year, the cost of a car for ten years is about 150,000 yuan, while the cost of a new energy vehicle is 20 cents per kilometer, and it only costs 40,000 yuan in 10 years, and only needs to replace glass water for 10,000 kilometers.

At this summer’s international auto show, new energy vehicles will naturally not be absent, even the biggest highlight of this auto show. There are new car-making forces such as Tucki, AITO, Zero Run, Feifan and Gaohe, as well as mainstream brands such as BYD, GAC Ai ‘an, Deep Blue Auto and Extreme Fox. Traditional giants have also begun to exert their efforts in the field of new energy, and Mercedes-Benz EQ series, BMW i3 and iX3, Audi’s e-tron series, Buick E5 and so on have attracted more and more attention.

When it comes to new models of new energy sources, Haoplatinum Hyper GT is worth mentioning. It is the latest masterpiece of Ai ‘an, starting at 219,900 yuan, and the intelligent configuration is "full", aiming at Tesla Model 3 and Tucki P7. At present, Ai ‘an’s sales momentum is very strong, closely following BYD, and the trend is stable; Needless to say, Tengshi N7’ s appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show can only be described as "bursting", with a sporty appearance and high value. It is also equipped with a dual-motor version, which has strong power and the highest cruising range has reached 702 kilometers. The same Tengshi brand MPV model D9 is a hot new energy MPV model, which has caused great pressure on traditional GL8, Saina and other models, except for more than 300,000 models. In addition, the popularity of Tucki G6 is higher than that of Tengshi N7. This medium-sized pure electric coupe SUV will be the "strong enemy" of Tesla Model Y, and it is equipped with the second generation intelligent assisted driving system XNGP. The new system can get rid of excessive dependence on high-precision maps and truly realize the full-scene assisted driving function.

It is worth mentioning that the 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show is still a big stage where fuel, oil and electricity are mixed and plugged in. There are also many new cars in it, such as Guangqi Honda’s new generation Accord, BYD Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition, Buick’s new generation LaCrosse, Mazda CX-50, Haval Xiaolong MAX, new Toyota Corolla, and Wei brand new Mocha DHT-PHEV.

The current maximum discount is in place.Enjoy watching cars on the pitch.

Price is what consumers are most concerned about, and many people can’t figure out the current preferential policies. According to the reporter’s understanding, the overall preferential strength in June is good, and there are two key factors. One is that the automobile emission standard has been switched from national six A to national six B, and many models that do not meet the emission standards are cutting prices and dumping their warehouses, with great preferential strength, which is of course limited to certain models. Second, the overall sales situation of the automobile market in the first half of the year was flat, and dealers urgently needed to sell cars to complete the sales task, thus creating a prerequisite for consumers to talk about concessions.

In addition, the environment for watching the auto show this time is very good, because it is June, the weather is not too hot, and the 2023 Qingdao Summer International Auto Show was chosen in Qingdao Guoxin Stadium, which is a core area with very convenient transportation in Laoshan District. Consumers can drive to buy a car, and it is extremely convenient to park the car in the whole venue. They can also take public transportation to see the car, and all buses are very accessible. The most important thing is that Qingdao Guoxin Stadium is a lush place, and it is very "cool" to watch cars and exhibitions. In such an environment, it is particularly beautiful to watch cars and buy cars. In addition, around Guoxin, there are supermarkets such as Thumb Square and Golden Lion Square. It is also a good choice to have a meal and take the whole family for leisure when you are tired of the auto show.

Empresses in the Palace has a hot search every day! Netizens have carried out various interpretations, and even fans have published books directly.

Some people have found that it has been going on for a long time.The biography of Zhen Huan has achieved a hot search every day.. Moreover, every time the topic of hot search is not repeated. Netizens have long jumped out of the most basic entry-level job of looking for goofs and details, which has derived a variety of tricky perspectives and made a new interpretation of this drama.

For example, "What are the bad habits in Empresses in the Palace?" Everyone put the picture of Yongzheng reading in bed below to show that he can’t read in bed, or "What life lessons did Empresses in the Palace tell us". Another blogger directly drew a cartoon version for Empresses in the Palace, putting Zhen Xuan, Shen Meizhuang and An Lingrong into the modern urban workplace. The top fans realized their love directly and published Reading Comprehension of Zhen Huan Biography.

For this series of recent events, someone asked: "Why are there so many hot searches about Zhen Huan?"But it’s strange, although everyone doubts that it is hot, it doesn’t feel disgusted at all.I even found the contents extremely interesting.This may be due to the following reasons.

The first one is of course because of Sun Li..

Empresses in the Palace’s plays are all named after the characters played by Sun Li, so people are the absolute protagonists of this play. In the play, Zhen Xuan’s setting is also a combination of all the good qualities, as if she were hanging up. She has a good face, can play the flute, can recite poems, always speaks to the emperor’s heart, and becomes the ultimate super winner.

Everyone says that this drama can make everyone pull the tab back and forth repeatedly, because the heroine Sun Li willZhen Xuan returned it to Zhen Xuan.Without excessive consumption and use of this role, I will shoot other film and television dramas in a down-to-earth manner, challenge different themes, and do my job as an actor.Let this character always wear the filter in the play.

The second important reason is that several concubines in this drama have taken off their careers.

The person who has enjoyed the most bonus since the first hit of this drama,In addition to the absolute heroine Sun Li, the next step is the queen Ada Choi and Hua Fei Rulu, who are more important in the scenes, and aunt Shen Meizhuang, An Lingrong and Park Sunseeker, who are slightly touched.. Who would have thought that with the passage of time, there was no special part in this play?Rachel Momo, Seven, Lyric, Tang Yixin, Rayza and Yinger are all to be reckoned with now.Who pulled it out is not the heroine of which drama now.

"Mountains and Rivers and Moonlight", which is being broadcasted by Beijing Satellite TV, is not Yinger as the heroine; Rachel Momo, Tang Yixin and Rayza were all captured by the midday sun, whether it was Rachel Momo, who had a rough love life and a rough birth; Or Tang Yixin with a happy marriage and a happy family; Rayza, who is full of personality and gave birth to a child directly, who is not full of face value and strength.

Seven is also fierce enough. Not only did the TV series "In the Name of Family" starring in one year become the annual crown of Hunan Satellite TV, but now it is more likely to become the next Golden Eagle Goddess. Xia Dongchun, who was rewarded with a post of red, never lived to be an adult. They were losers in the palace fight in the play, and they were successful outside the play. This is really a road that no one has ever imagined. Their popularity not only shows that the actors themselves are excellent, but also shows that the directors have a bright eye and can see that these people have unlimited potential.

Finally, there is an extremely important reason, that is, the similar competing products newly shot in recent years are completely unacceptable.

Since Empresses in the Palace, it’s like lighting a fuse, and it’s out of control. All film and television production companies think that the heroine’s drama is a hot topic, and they all want to get a piece of it. However, no drama can reproduce a fragment of Empresses in the Palace.Even take out another play "Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace" by the author of the original novel., also used Zhou Xun descent, clothing by going up one flight of stairs, beauty and strength of the actors are also a dime a dozen, is a masterpiece worth seeing,But there is still a certain gap with Empresses in the Palace.

Empresses in the Palace’s success in that year, with the right time, the right place and the right people, is true of every classic film and television drama. It’s only eleven years later, and it’s like a hit drama, with so many interpretations, and Empresses in the Palace is the only one. Perhaps, the effect of Empresses in the Palace is the best embodiment of combining the entertainment and culture that the public likes.

Covering the use of new energy vehicles such as driving and parking, new energy auto insurance is coming.

  In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly. The picture shows the employees in the assembly workshop of an automobile company in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, reporting the cars off the assembly line in an orderly manner. Photo by Hu Xiaofei (People’s Vision)

  The construction of charging facilities for new energy vehicles is accelerating to help residents travel green. The picture shows a new energy car owner charging in Longxing Lake Park, Baofeng County, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Photo by He Wuchang (Xinhua News Agency)

  On December 14th, insurance association of china issued the Exclusive Terms of Commercial Insurance for New Energy Vehicles (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the Terms), which consists of the Model Terms of Commercial Insurance for New Energy Vehicles (Trial) and the Model Terms of Accident Insurance for Drivers and Passengers of New Energy Vehicles (Trial). How will the Articles provide more effective and targeted insurance protection for consumers of new energy vehicles? The reporter interviewed the association and relevant experts.

  What are the highlights of the design of the Terms?

  — — Diversified insurance scenarios, customized insurance liabilities and humanized insurance protection.

  "In terms of insurance liability, both for ‘ Sandian ’ The system provides guarantee and comprehensively covers the use scenarios of driving, parking, charging and operation of new energy vehicles; In terms of terms development, it not only considers the current mainstream technical route, but also leaves room for innovation in the new format of the new energy automobile industry. " Wang Yuxiang, member of insurance association of china Party Committee and vice president, introduced that the Clauses cover 4 main risks and 15 additional risks.

  From the perspective of insurance structure, there are many innovations compared with the current Model Clauses for Commercial Insurance of Motor Vehicles (2020 Edition). Wu Tao, deputy general manager of Ping An Property Insurance, analyzed that the Model Provisions for Commercial Insurance of New Energy Vehicles (Trial) has three main risks and 13 additional risks. The main risks are structurally consistent with the current Model Provisions for Commercial Insurance of Motor Vehicles, and the additional risks have been revised and completed except for the nine additional risks in the current Model Provisions for Commercial Insurance of Motor Vehicles, and the Special Provisions for Value-added Services of Additional New Energy Vehicles have been added. Two additional risks, namely, Additional Hospitalization Allowance Insurance and Additional Medical Expenses Compensation Insurance, in the Model Provisions of Accident Insurance for Drivers and Passengers of New Energy Vehicles (Trial) are consistent with the current provisions.

  Mao Jiwen, the marketing director of PICC P&C Insurance, believes that the highlights of the Terms are mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the diversification of insurance scenarios, such as the development of "Loss Insurance for Self-use Charging Piles" and "Liability Insurance for Self-use Charging Piles" in combination with the characteristics of new energy vehicles, to focus on solving the risks arising from auxiliary facilities in the application of new technologies; The second is the customization of insurance liability, highlighting the structural characteristics of "three electricity" systems such as battery and energy storage system, motor and drive system of new energy vehicles, and expanding the scope of protection to vehicle-specific use scenarios, such as self-service charging and special vehicle engineering operations; Third, the insurance guarantee is humanized. Combined with the risks in the charging process of new energy vehicles, the Additional External Power Grid Failure Loss Insurance is designed to cover the vehicle losses caused by external power grid transmission and transformation failures and abnormal current and voltage.

  How to protect the unique losses of new energy vehicles?

  — — The fire of new energy vehicles and the loss of charging piles are all within the scope of protection.

  The innovative car scene of new energy vehicles has also derived new risk points. For example, new energy vehicles use power batteries as energy storage devices, and vehicle auxiliary equipment extends to charging facilities. In addition to the traditional traffic accident risk, major accidents such as fire and deflagration of power batteries constitute new risk factors. How to protect the unique accident risks of this kind of new energy vehicles is the focus of consumers’ attention and the focus of previous clause design research.

  Shen Hua, vice president of China Property & Casualty Insurance, said that the fire and burning of new energy vehicles is not only the insurance liability of "New Energy Vehicle Loss Insurance", but also the insurance coverage of "New Energy Vehicle Third Party Liability Insurance". "At present, the maximum liability limit of auto insurance three-person insurance can reach 10 million yuan. It is suggested that the majority of new energy vehicle owners can choose the appropriate third-party liability limit for insurance according to their own risk protection needs." Shen Hua said.

  At the same time, Shen Hua suggested that consumers can also choose to insure the "legal holiday limit doubling insurance" on the basis of insuring the auto insurance three risks. During the legal holidays (including weekends), the liability limit of the auto insurance three risks can be doubled, and consumers can get double risk protection only by paying a lower premium.

  The newly added two additional risks, namely, loss insurance for additional self-use charging piles and liability insurance for additional self-use charging piles, have also attracted much attention. "Additional self-use charging pile loss insurance" provides insurance protection for the loss of charging piles caused by natural disasters, accidents, theft or damage by others; The liability insurance of additional self-use charging piles covers the personal injury or property loss of third parties that may be caused by electric piles.

  "The Clauses include the loss of charging pile equipment itself and the personal injury or property loss of a third party that may be caused into the insurance liability. This is the first time that the insurance industry has included the off-vehicle equipment into the insurance liability, and it is a bold exploration, important breakthrough and new attempt to provide insurance protection around the consumer car scene." Fu Tianming, vice president of China Life Insurance, said.

  What changes have been made to the claims process?

  — — Broaden the security boundary, try our best to avoid claims disputes and continuously upgrade claims services.

  What is the difference between the claims process of new energy vehicles and traditional motor vehicles?

  "For consumers, there will be no obvious difference between the claim settlement process and the current Model Provisions on Motor Vehicle Commercial Insurance." Bi Xin, general manager of PICC P&C Claims Department, introduced that claims also showed some new features in view of the risk characteristics and usage characteristics of new energy vehicles.

  For example, Bi Xin, in addition to including risks such as external power grid failure, charging pile loss and liability into the scope of insurance claims, broadens the protection boundary, and the Terms also explain the expressions of proper terms such as "new energy vehicle", "process of using the insured new energy vehicle" and "battery decay" to avoid disputes over insurance claims caused by different understanding of terms. In addition, the "Terms" continue to upgrade claims services, and comprehensively sort out the risk points, service standards and operational norms that may be involved in claims-related links. "Relying on technology empowerment, we will launch more online, personalized and differentiated new energy exclusive claims service initiatives to better meet the insurance claims service needs of different consumer groups." Bi Xin said.

  The new energy automobile industry is in the process of rapid development, which poses new challenges to the insurance industry. Experts believe that only by accelerating product innovation, accelerating the accumulation of empirical data, and accelerating the integration with related industries such as automobiles and collecting more industry information can we promote the high-quality development of new energy auto insurance.

The Provincial People’s Congress held a press conference to interpret five laws and regulations, including Several Provisions on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases in Hunan Province.

Red Net News reporter Zhang Ying and Wu Gongkai report from Changsha.


On September 27th, the Provincial People’s Congress held a press conference to answer questions from reporters on the five laws and regulations.

A few days ago, the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Hunan Province voted and passed five laws and regulations, including Regulations on Promoting the Development of Tea Industry in Hunan Province, Regulations on Labor Law Supervision of Trade Unions in Hunan Province, Regulations on the Protection and Promotion of Intellectual Property Rights in Hunan Province, Several Provisions on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases in Hunan Province, and the newly revised Measures for the Implementation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes in Hunan Province.

On September 27th, the Hunan Provincial People’s Congress held a press conference to answer questions from reporters about five laws and regulations. Yu Xiong, chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Qi Shengfang, chairman of the Social Construction Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Zeng Donglou, deputy director of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Ma Yanqing, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Song Zhengrong, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Chen Jiaxin, deputy director of the Education, Culture and Health Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Gu Benhua, deputy director of the Environmental Protection Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, Dai Shaoyi, deputy director of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People Li Junhua, deputy director of the Provincial Health and Wellness Committee, Duan Zhixiong, member of the Party Group of the Provincial Market Supervision Administration and director of the Provincial Intellectual Property Office, attended the conference, and Fan Wenbin, deputy secretary-general and spokesperson of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, presided over the conference.

Delineating the functional areas of tea production and strengthening the design of tea quality control system

In recent years, the development of Hunan tea industry has entered the fast lane, but there are still many problems and constraints such as small scale of high-quality tea gardens, low degree of organization, many brands but not strong. In order to lead, promote and ensure the transformation of Hunan tea industry to the stage of high-quality, sustainable and healthy development, Hunan promoted the promulgation of the Regulations on the Promotion of Tea Industry Development in Hunan Province.

Zeng Donglou introduced that in order to strengthen tea quality control, the "Regulations" stipulate the comprehensive implementation of standardized tea production, the establishment of a traceability system for tea quality and safety, and the strengthening of the monitoring responsibility of the regulatory authorities. Yu Xiong said that the "Regulations" stipulates that the delineation of tea production functional zones is the first in the country’s tea-producing provinces, and clarifies the responsibilities of the provincial people’s government and the people’s governments of major tea producing areas to protect tea production functional zones.

"The lack of strong tea brands is a prominent shortcoming in the development of tea industry in Hunan Province." Ma Yanqing said that the "Regulations" clarify the main responsibilities and role orientation of government departments in the construction of regional public brands, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in brand building, and clearly strengthen the protection of geographical indications.

In order to strengthen the inheritance and protection of tea culture and create a highland of Hunan tea culture, the Regulations require people’s governments at or above the county level and their relevant departments to excavate and sort out local tea culture resources, encourage the declaration of tea-related cultural heritage, develop Huxiang tea cultural and creative industries, and strengthen the dissemination of tea culture and tea knowledge.

Strengthen the protection of workers’ rights and interests in the new employment form

The promulgation and implementation of "Regulations on Labor Legal Supervision of Trade Unions in Hunan Province" is a summary of the successful experiences and practices of trade unions in our province in carrying out labor legal supervision, so that the labor legal supervision of trade unions can be fully brought into the track of rule of law.

What is the relationship between labor law supervision and labor security supervision of trade unions? How to link up with workers’ application for labor dispute arbitration and litigation? Qi Shengfang introduced that labor security supervision is an administrative law enforcement activity, and labor legal supervision of trade unions is a mass supervision. Labor legal supervision of trade unions is an important work before labor security supervision to resolve labor contradictions and disputes in the embryonic stage through trade union supervision. The "Regulations" established the "one letter and two books" system of labor legal supervision of trade unions, and set up a convenient bridge between labor legal supervision and labor security supervision.

Song Zhengrong introduced that in the process of drafting the Regulations, specific provisions were made for the weak links in the protection of workers’ rights and interests in the new employment form, which reflected the forward-looking and innovative legislation. At the same time, the "Regulations" clarify the means and procedures of labor legal supervision of trade unions. For the problems found, it not only emphasizes the maximum promotion of labor disputes through negotiation, but also emphasizes rigid supervision according to law to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

Focus on the protection and promotion of the whole chain of intellectual property rights

"In recent years, the intellectual property cause in Hunan Province has made remarkable progress, but there are still problems such as low overall quality, poor utilization efficiency, imperfect collaborative protection mechanism and insufficient public service capacity. It is necessary to formulate the Regulations on the Protection and Promotion of Intellectual Property Rights in Hunan Province." Chen Jiaxin introduced.

"The Regulations are the" 1 "in the" 1+N "model of local legislation on intellectual property rights in our province, which belongs to the comprehensive local regulations on intellectual property rights in our province." Dai Shaoyi introduced that the "Regulations" focus on the protection and promotion of the whole chain of intellectual property rights, and each has its own characteristics and highlights in the creation, application, protection, management and service of intellectual property rights. In the aspect of encouraging creation, the specific system design is carried out around encouraging high-quality creation of intellectual property rights in our province. The "Regulations" stipulate that the distribution policy oriented to increasing knowledge value should be implemented, and enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions should establish and improve the income distribution system for the transformation of job achievements.

Duan Zhixiong introduced that the "Regulations" made detailed provisions for enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions to strengthen intellectual property creation, enhance the efficiency of the use of intellectual property rights, and improve the rights distribution mechanism. At the same time, it stipulated that the government and its relevant departments should guide market participants to create and use intellectual property rights with higher quality by compiling and publishing catalogues of key technologies and key products, establishing and improving the navigation mechanism of intellectual property rights, promoting the layout of intellectual property rights in key core technologies, and strengthening the construction of intellectual property trading platforms and public service systems.

Promote the legalization of occupational disease prevention and control work

At present, the situation of occupational disease prevention and control in the province is very severe, showing the characteristics of wide coverage, large stock, miscellaneous diseases and many increments. The promulgation of "Several Provisions on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases in Hunan Province" is conducive to promoting the legalization of occupational disease prevention and control, and effectively strengthening the work of "containing the increase and treating the stock" of occupational diseases.

How to prevent occupational diseases? Dai Shaoyi said: first, the responsibilities of the government and its relevant departments are stipulated. People’s governments at or above the county level should strengthen their leadership over the prevention and control of occupational diseases, establish and improve the deliberation and coordination mechanism for the prevention and control of occupational diseases, and study and solve major problems in the prevention and control of occupational diseases; Strengthen team and capacity building, and relevant funds will be included in the fiscal budget. The second is to clarify seven responsibilities of the main person in charge of the unit and nine specific responsibilities of the occupational health management institution or full-time and part-time management personnel.

Li Junhua introduced that the "Regulations" clearly stipulate that employers with radioactive, highly toxic and high-risk dust occupational hazards should be equipped with full-time or part-time occupational health doctors and nurses with occupational health protection knowledge; Those who do not have the conditions to be equipped with full-time or part-time occupational health doctors and nurses shall sign contracts with technical service institutions that have obtained corresponding qualification certification according to law to provide professional services.

Reduce the risk of inter-provincial transfer of solid waste

"Our province is a’ hometown of non-ferrous metals’, with high solid waste stocks, large increments, many types and high environmental risks. The prevention and control work is urgent, arduous, long-term and complex." Gu Benhua introduced the revision of the Measures for the Implementation of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes, aiming at further strengthening responsibilities, strengthening supervision and promoting the development of circular economy.

Zhang Zaifeng introduced that this time, the two contents of Article 21 of the original regulations on the inter-provincial transfer of hazardous waste have been revised, focusing on the control of the inter-provincial transfer of solid waste, reflecting the principle of classified management of hazardous waste resource utilization, focusing on guiding enterprises to extend the industrial chain and enhance the added value of products, which is conducive to the green and sustainable development of the hazardous waste utilization industry.

It mainly revised five aspects, such as strengthening the supervision means of solid waste, strengthening the responsibility of source reduction and resource utilization of construction waste, banning plastic products, recycling waste power batteries, and inter-provincial transfer of solid waste. Focus on solving the problem that the degree of information supervision of solid waste is not high, and the pace of related units is difficult to be consistent; Environmental risk of trans-provincial transfer of solid waste and reduction of trans-provincial transfer risk of solid waste; The source reduction and resource utilization of construction waste and the environmental pollution caused by the development of new formats are four problems.

8.3 points, hot search first! Why does "Little Joy" become another explosion

Special feature of 1905 film network At the beginning of the year, a film "Everything’s Fine" wrote all about China’s family’s pension problem and family of origin’s injury, and accurately hit the "pain point" of the audience.Now, a film "Little Joy" takes the "College Entrance Examination" as an incision to show another cross-section of China’s family to the audience.

Since its launch at the end of July, the popularity of the TV series "Little Joy" has increased all the way. Not only has it been frequently searched, but the Douban score has been countered from 8.0 to 8.3.


Just like the popularity of Everything’s Fine at the beginning, Little Joy has also set off a wave of national discussions on educational topics with the help of the "authenticity" of realistic themes.

"Little Joy" revolves around the preparation process for the "College Entrance Examination" of three ordinary families: Fang, Qiao and Ji.In the process of sprinting towards the most important exam in China’s life with the family as the unit, parents and children are also experiencing countless "quizzes" from life.


If the first few episodes are still filled with a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the recent plot has turned sharply, and every family has encountered intractable troubles and crises.


Huang Lei and Christina’s Fang couple are both facing unemployment crisis, and their parents have been cheated into debts of 800,000 yuan.


Qiao Yingzi, the "schoolmaster", is gradually out of breath under the bondage of "maternal love" full of control desire. Even in the latest episode, she had a fierce argument with her parents and was impulsive to jump into the sea.


Ji Jia’s parent-child relationship had just eased, and Yongmei’s mother liujing was diagnosed with breast cancer.


It’s true that every family has a hard book to read.


"Why Little Joy" was once ranked first in Weibo’s hot search, with a reading volume of over 400 million.


Some netizens explained in the comments: "It is precisely because there are too many helpless trifles that it seems how important it is to be’ small joy’. Just like looking for diamonds in glass slag, it is worth discovering again. "


Similar to the irony of "everything is fine", behind "little joy" is also "little anxiety" that can’t be avoided in ordinary family life.

Three typical China families

Who poked your "pain point"

One of the reasons why Little Joy is highly praised is the "realism" of the plot and details. Whether it is the intimate details of husband and wife getting along or the parents’ every move when they "teach" their son, people often exclaim: "Director, why do you want to spy on my life?"

Christina’s mad drama made many netizens exclaim and saw the "mother mother"

Three families with different painting styles in the play also constitute a ukiyo-e painting of Chinese college entrance examination families. Through their mode of getting along with each other and their educational ideas, we can always see the shadow of ourselves or our families, and let the audience reflect on what family education should look like. 

"Lover Style": You are everything to your mother.


The "lover-like" parent-child relationship between Song Qian and his daughter Qiao Yingzi played by Tao Hong is the most controversial.


As a single mother, the frustration of marriage made her pour all her "love" into her daughter, and her daughter’s success became her goal in life and the way to prove herself.


As Song Qian often said, "Eiko, you are everything to your mother."


From childhood to adulthood, her daughter’s food, clothing, housing and transportation were all arranged by her, and the study plan must be strictly completed according to the timetable set by her.


The daughter’s room is equipped with an observation window, so that her mother can keep an eye on her every move at any time. The mother and daughter are like "conjoined twins" and have no private space.


No wonder Eiko once quietly told his father that he was at home every day as if he were in a prison.


This kind of maternal love may be meticulous in material, but it is extremely lacking in spirit. A mother imposes her will on her daughter, but never listens to her real needs.


All the voices of opposition are labeled as "love" and politely but ruthlessly rejected.


Song Qian once said to Eiko, "Mom has already arranged the road behind you." This road is entirely wishful thinking of my mother, and I have never asked my daughter for advice.


To put it bluntly, she treats her daughter as her private property, not as an independent individual.


In the play, this heavy maternal love has made Eiko gradually breathless. She began to rebel against her mother by playing truant and lying in disguise, and her personality became depressed and depressed.


In the name of mother’s love, we should "control". Behind this suffocating maternal love, both mother and daughter lost themselves.


"Airborne": Late Love


If Song Qian’s maternal love for Eiko is too much, Ji Jia’s parents’ love for Ji Yangyang is seriously lacking and late.


Because of work reasons, parents have been absent from their son’s growth all the year round, and suddenly "airborne" in the third year of high school. Naturally, it is difficult to get children’s acceptance and recognition.

Faced with this sense of estrangement and alienation, Ji Jia’s parents’ handling methods are worth learning.


They can try to understand and experience children’s hobbies from their sons’ point of view, such as playing video games and practicing karting. Taking interest as a breakthrough, Ji Yangyang’s heart is opened step by step.


When their son’s exam results are not ideal, they can also be reasonable and positive, telling him that exam results are a stepping stone to realize his dreams.

From this point of view, Ji Jia’s educational philosophy is superior to Qiao Jia’s, but there is a saying that "the best love is companionship", and it is often difficult to make up for the harm caused by the absence of parents in the process of growing up.


From the source, less "left-behind children" in cities like Ji Yangyang may be the best fatherly love and maternal love.

"Open": both father and son and friends.


Among the three families, Fang’s family atmosphere and parent-child relationship are undoubtedly the most enviable.


Fiona Fang and Tong Wenjie, played by Huang Lei and Christina, respectively played the roles of "tiger mother" and "cat father" at home.Mother is very strict with the "skin monkey" son, and sometimes she will use "force", but fortunately, her father with high emotional intelligence has always intervened, so that the whole family can operate in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.


As a screenwriter, Huang Lei has obviously incorporated many of his own educational ideas into Fiona Fang’s personal design. The so-called "cat dad" is not blindly compromising and spoiling, but is sensible and emotional to his son from the perspective of equality.


For example, when a conflict broke out between Tong Wenjie and Fang Yifan because of their poor grades, Fiona Fang used a set of "theory" to explain the truth and resolve the contradiction.

On the one hand, Fiona Fang advised his son to look sideways, not only to see his own shortcomings in learning compared with other students, but also to see his mother better than other parents.

On the other hand, he also advised his wife not only to compare her son "horizontally" with other people’s children, but also to learn to "look vertically" to help children find their own life goals and directions.


In the play, another line of Fiona Fang is actually said to all parents in and out of the play: "Children’s lives are their own, and they have to take a detour. They have to hit the south wall one by one, and we have stumbled all the way. No one can replace it."

We can’t choose our family, and the three "family of origin" in the play also have their own shortcomings and imperfections, but the loveliness of Little Joy is that neither parents nor children refuse to change, and they are constantly reflecting and improving themselves in the process of running in.


Just like the classic line in the middle school says, "Dad is also a father for the first time." After the quarrel and disagreement, the sincere apology and communication between the two sides has become the most touching paragraph in Little Joy.


Refuse to "suspend"

Grasp the realistic theme from the truth of details

Some viewers said: "Little Joy" is like a mirror, in which both parents and children can see themselves. This is the charm of realistic works.


Director Wang Jun once concluded at the press conference that the key to the creation of realistic works is "truth". "For example, changing slippers when entering the door is realism. If you grasp the truth of the details, you will grasp the true meaning of realism."

Director Wang Jun


In his view, in the film and television works with realistic themes, the creator and the audience should maintain an equal relationship. "The creator should not always be condescending and want to lead or teach something. What we want to express is in reality. First of all, we should be faithful to our own feelings and experiences of reality and don’t fake the real play."


In the early discussion of the script, screenwriter Huang Lei also said that the characters must "sink down and stick to the ground" and "don’t talk too much". He also exposed himself in Weibo. Most of the characters in the play are based on the real experiences of friends around him. "The screenwriter doesn’t have to edit it, because it’s all around you."


From "Little Separation", "My First Half Life" and "Big Rivers" to "Everything is Fine" and "Little Joy" this year, with the birth of one explosion after another, realistic film and television works have really ushered in a blowout period.

It is the significance and charm of realistic works to integrate the real insight and perception of life into the creation, so that the audience can empathize and trigger a wide range of social discussions.


As director Wang Jun said, "Little Joy" is not made to accuse or solve any problems. After all, education is a matter of thousands of people. What the creative team wants to do is to present the reality to the audience. "We don’t want to give the audience a ready-made answer, just want to give everyone a grasp, so that everyone can deeply discuss the Chinese parent-child relationship and intergenerational relationship."