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The Premier League champion was born! Arsenal lost 0-1 to win the championship, and Manchester City completed the Premier League’s three consecutive championships!

Early this morning, the Premier League was the firstthreesevenA focus battle was staged.Arsenal away0-1Lost to Nottingham Forest, completely missed the championship, Manchester City in the case of this round, ahead of schedule.threeWin the league championship and complete the great cause of three consecutive Premier League titles! Nottingham Forest finished relegation one round ahead of schedule after winning!

Arsenal fell behind Manchester City before the game.4 points, one game less than the opponent, this round of Arsenal is ahead of Manchester City, and it is necessary to win to keep the hope of winning the championship. Once losing, Manchester City will win the championship three games in advance. Nottingham Forest ranks first in the league.sixBit, leading the relegation zone3 points, there is still some relegation pressure, and we will definitely strive to win at home.

First halfonenineMinutes later, Odegard’s passing error was intercepted, and the home team White scored the ball. Avonii seized the opportunity to complete the goal.1-0! Arsenal then tried to fight back, but their whole team was in poor condition. Except for Trossat, who shot wide and caused a certain threat, the rest of the time had possession rate, but it was difficult to create too much threat to the opponent’s goal.

In the second half, Artta made many substitutions, but Arsenal’s performance did not improve at all, and finally they went away.0-1Lose the game and hand over the championship to Manchester City! Manchester city in the current round of war, ahead of schedule.threeThe game locked the league title and completed the league.threeAfter winning the championship, Guardiola’s team took the first step in the process of winning the triple crown!

In the civil war of women’s singles table tennis, Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi 4-2, advanced to the final and was recognized.

For Manyu Wang, how brilliant will his achievements be? The WTT Macau Championship in 2023 will last until the sixth match day, and the men’s and women’s singles semi-finals have now ended. In the high-profile women’s table tennis competition, four China table tennis players presented two amazing semi-finals. This is the second year in a row that she has won the world championship at this level. In a just-concluded semi-final, Manyu Wang defeated Wang Yidi with a score of 4:2, thus successfully advancing to the final. In this competition, Manyu Wang showed amazing strength. His goal is to win the final championship. Even if he loses the competition, he can consolidate his position in the third place in the world.

At present, there are obvious differences between the two core players of China table tennis team. During the whole Paris Olympic cycle, Wang Yidi’s performance showed a trend of low opening and high walking, from the marginal main force of table tennis to one of the five main forces of table tennis. With Chen Meng’s ranking falling to the fourth place in the world due to the elimination of Olympic points, Wang Yidi’s ranking in the world has climbed to the third place, while Manyu Wang has shown a trend of high opening and low walking throughout the cycle.

Especially in this year, Manyu Wang showed an amazing performance, coupled with injuries and the change of the head coach, his performance is quite bad. His grades don’t seem to have changed much either. Chen Meng failed to win the championship in many competitions. Unfortunately, her efforts failed to win in the end. But he still sticks to his dream. In the Macau Championship, Manyu Wang and Wang Yidi staged a thrilling reversal in the semi-final, which provided him with an opportunity to win the championship again.

In the first game, Wang Yidi seized the opportunity of the game with keen insight and keen sense of smell. Take the lead in the score, then remain stable in several rounds, and finally lead the opponent by 11:7, successfully opening the door to victory. He used his expertise and technology to attack. With the arrival of the second game, Manyu Wang launched a counterattack and successfully occupied the advantage on the field. And control it. Whether in attack or defense, we can seize the opportunity skillfully in the stalemate and win. After pulling back the second game with 11:9, the score was 1:1, and in the third game, the competition between the two sides became more intense.

However, there is still a chance to catch Manyu Wang, who took a 2-1 lead with a score of 11-9, performed well in the multi-beat stalemate in the fourth game without mercy, and finally took the lead. Although he was robbed by his opponent in the last board, he finally defeated his opponent to win. Under the score of 11:6, we have achieved a 3:1 lead, which is a very excellent victory. This also shows that he is very confident about this game. In the fifth game, Wang Yidi showed indomitable spirit, even in the face of last stand.

From falling behind to equalising and then leading, we finally won the bureau with a score of 11:5, making the score 2:3. Manyu Wang, whose victory in the sixth game was in sight, did not give up the victory, but won with the score of 11:4, and finally eliminated Wang Yidi with the score of 4:2, thus winning the national table tennis civil war. This is another great achievement after he won the titles of "best server" and "excellent receiver and receiver". Despite the hard-won victory, Manyu Wang is expected to challenge the first singles title this year and become a new champion.

Due to long-term injury and coach change, Manyu Wang’s performance this year is not satisfactory, and he has not been able to break through the championship shortage so far, but in the end, he successfully entered the finals and will have an excellent chance to win the championship. Although his current state is not very good, he still hopes that he can return to the competition as soon as possible and strive for a better record. This is also the root cause of Manyu Wang’s recovery. Although his performance in the game is not good at present, if he can maintain his current competitive state, he can lay a solid foundation for winning greater victories next year. In order to consolidate the existing position, it is indispensable to achieve corresponding results after the global ranking has risen to the second position. Therefore, his performance in this competition is still good, especially his excellent service, which won him a good chance and finally won the runner-up. For Manyu Wang, how excellent will his performance be in this competition? We will analyze his pre-match preparation and performance in the competition and give some suggestions. Welcome everyone to leave a message and exchange.

ChatGPT invested $180 million in anti-aging company, trying to increase the average life expectancy of human beings by 10 years.

In mid-2022, a startup company named Retro Biosciences came into public view, and it announced that it had obtained $180 million for a bold task: increasing the average life expectancy of human beings by 10 years. Just a short year ago, the company was headquartered in a warehouse near San Francisco. There were many containers on the concrete floor, where scientists worked and did experiments.

Retro said that as part of the "radical task", it would "stimulate the speed" and "tighten the feedback loop" in order to stop aging or even reverse it. But it is vague about the source of its funds. According to reports, it was still a "mysterious" startup, and its investors were anonymous.

Now MIT Science and Technology Review can reveal that all the investment was provided by Sam Altman, a 37-year-old senior entrepreneur and CEO of OpenAI.

Altman spent almost all his time on OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company, whose chat bots and electronic art programs have always been unique in the field of science and technology because of their comparable human capabilities.

But altman’s money is another matter. He said that he had emptied his bank account to fund two other very different but equally ambitious goals: pursuing unlimited energy and prolonging life.

He said in 2021 that one of the projects is Helion Energy, a nuclear fusion power generation startup, and he has invested more than 375 million US dollars in the company. The other is Retro, who invested a total of $180 million in the same year.

"This is a lot of money. I basically invested all my current assets in these two companies, "altman said.

Altman’s investment in Retro has never been disclosed before. This is one of the largest personal investments ever made by a startup company seeking to increase human life span.

Altman has always been a well-known figure in Silicon Valley. He used to run Y Combinator, a business incubator in San Francisco, but with the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI and its popularity all over the world, his name has been known all over the world.

It is reported that the breakthrough based on artificial intelligence technology has turned this seven-year-old company into a "member of the technology giant club". Microsoft promised to invest $10 billion in it, and altman, who has 1.5 million Twitter followers, is consolidating his status as a technology tycoon, and his invention will definitely change the society profoundly.

Altman is not on Forbes’ list of billionaires, but he is still very rich. His extensive investments include early shares in companies such as Stripe and Airbnb.

He said: "In the biggest bull market in history, I have always been an investor in technology stocks at an early stage."

Hard core technology

Now, in his words, he has invested his capital in a level that is "orders of magnitude far beyond the Y Combinator era". He has been betting these funds on several technical fields that he thinks will have the greatest positive impact on mankind: artificial intelligence, energy and anti-aging biotechnology.

Helion, headquartered in Everett, Washington, is eager to conquer atoms to create an "infinite clean energy". Joe Betts-LaCroix, CEO and co-founder of Retro, said that the company’s goal is to "prolong human life by discovering how to rejuvenate our bodies".

All these companies, including OpenAI, are what altman called "hard-core" start-ups-companies that need a lot of investment to make scientific progress and master difficult technologies. This is a shift for altman, from supporting fast-growing applications and companies in the era of Web 2.0 prosperity to supporting scientists engaged in long-term research.

Hard science companies need higher capital costs, but altman believes that their bigger goals are more likely to attract talented engineers. He recently quoted Daniel Burnham, a Victorian architect, on Twitter: "Don’t make small plans, they don’t have the magic to stimulate the blood flow."

Although nuclear fusion and life extension may be the most incredible projects (some researchers even think it’s daydreaming), few people believed that artificial intelligence would pass the medical school exam in 2023, just like ChatGPT, a chat robot of OpenAI, did this year.

Altman said that in fact, hard-core startups may have a better chance of success than simple companies. This is because there may be a thousand start-ups developing photo sharing applications, but only a few companies can build experimental nuclear fusion reactors.

enlarge the scale

Altman said that the areas he has been betting on are those where he can see some potential trends, so that technologies that seem impossible today are expected to spread quickly. This is what happened to OpenAI, which was established in 2015.

The company focuses on a machine learning technology called transformer and has steadily expanded its scale. In the process of creating its products, it only spent more than $1 billion on purchasing computing power.

The resulting model (program) can create pictures and complex text paragraphs in a few seconds, even close to human works. "We have an algorithm that we can learn, and as it performs more operations, it seems that it can be further extended," altman said.

As for the realization of controlled nuclear fusion, the trend that altman sees is bigger and stronger magnets. In order to fix the 100 million-degree thermal plasma vortex in the reactor core, we need very powerful magnets. Altman said that he initially invested about $10 million in Helion, but later increased the stakes because he was "very confident".

Although the problem of nuclear fusion has not been solved (reactors still use more energy than they produce), he has been urging Helion to list how to build several reactors every day-if nuclear fusion wants to replace coal and natural gas as the main power source, increasing production capacity is a necessary part.

"That’s what I’ve learned from my career. Scale it up and see what happens, "altman said.

Young blood

About eight years ago, altman became interested in the so-called "young blood" research. In these studies, scientists stitched young mice and old mice together so that they shared a blood system. Surprisingly, these old mice seem to have partially recovered their vitality.

This is a terrible experiment, but to some extent, it is very simple. Altman, then the head of Y Combinator incubator, asked his staff to investigate what progress anti-aging scientists were making.

He said: "It feels like this is a result I didn’t expect, and that is another result I didn’t expect. This means that something is happening quietly … Maybe there is a secret hidden here, and it is easier to find than we thought. "

In 2018, Y Combinator opened a special course for biotech companies, inviting companies with "radical anti-aging plans" to apply, but soon after, altman left Y Combinator to concentrate on his increasingly busy work in OpenAI.

By 2020, some researchers in California showed that they could achieve the effect similar to obtaining "young blood" by replacing the plasma of old mice with saline and albumin. This shows that the real problem lies in the "aging blood". Just by diluting it (and the toxins in it), we may be one step closer to drugs that resist or even cure aging.

Bates Lacroiva recalled, "Sam called me and said,’ My God, have you seen this plasma intervention paper?’ That’s not what I said, but the general idea is similar. Bates Lacroiva was a part-time biotechnology partner of Y Combinator and now leads a gathering of longevity lovers.

Bates Lacroix agrees that it’s cool and some companies should pursue it. "How about I fund you to do it?" Altman said.

But Bates Lacroix was already studying a different idea. He just finished an early joint venture project, a company called Vium. The company tried to "digitize" the rat population and added cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor the experiment. Vium has raised more than 50 million dollars, but it has not been successful. That year, it was merged into another biotechnology company, which bought its assets for $2.6 million.

Bates Lacroiva’s new plan is to set up a company to pursue cell reprogramming-another hot area involving the technology of making cells younger through genetic engineering. He has collaborated with Chinese scholar Ding Sheng Ding who has developed a new method of reprogramming cells. Bates-Lacroiva also believes that the process that cells use to process toxins (called autophagy) may be a direction worth exploring.

Altman’s answer is: "Why don’t you do all these things?"

"I will. I will set up a multi-project company around the biology of aging, which is a big project, "Bates Lacroiva recalled." Then he said,’ Great, let’s do it.’ "

The new company needs a lot of money-enough to keep it going for at least seven or eight years while conducting research, encountering setbacks and overcoming them. And it needs to finish the work quickly. The expenses of many biotech startups are decided by the board of directors, but in Retro, Bates-Lacroiva has all the decision-making power. "There is no bureaucracy here," he said. "I am a bureaucracy."

For example, Bates Lacroix did not wait for scarce laboratory space, but filled a warehouse with 40 prefabricated containers and used them as laboratories. This means that he can quickly carry out the first experiment, including repeating some plasma work on mice. Bates Lacroiva presented some preliminary results at a conference in 2022, saying that mice undergoing plasma exchange seemed to become stronger.

Mysterious start-up company

Retro employees submit experimental memos every week to record which work is progressing smoothly and which work is frustrated. Bates Lacroix said that he usually calls altman on weekends to tell him the highlights, and altman sometimes makes suggestions.

However, up to now, things related to this company in altman have been kept secret. This is a decision made by Bates Lacroiva, who wants Retro to open its own path. Altman agreed, because he tried to be "very careful not to hide the brilliance of the CEOs I worked with."

When Bates Lacroiva officially disclosed the company information in mid-2022, in a series of tweets, he still didn’t disclose altman’s name, but said that he was "lucky to get the initial capital of 180 million dollars", which was enough to "safely" support the company to run until 2030, when it planned to realize "the first proof of concept to extend life".

People familiar with the company’s thinking say it’s also because altman’s name may be a distraction. Of course, he is famous, but this reason may be wrong. Although altman’s position in the entrepreneurial world is unparalleled, his reputation is almost nonexistent in the biological laboratory and pharmaceutical industry, and a person’s scientific record is the most important in this circle.

"I’ve never heard of the name Sam altman," said Irina Conboy, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, although her work on plasma has amazed Sam. But she is really more familiar with Bates Lacroiva and his research on longevity.

"100 million is just a number, not a breakthrough," Comboy said.

Public discontent

Every technology also has risks. As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, it is chat bots that may spread lies and false information. As for reversing the age, if it is really effective, one of the risks often mentioned is public dissatisfaction, especially if it will be offered to the rich like altman first.

The basis of this idea is that if altman’s financial support is magnified conspicuously, Retro may become a victim and be classified as a vanity project misled by billionaires in pursuit of immortality.

We have reason to be so worried. In 2016, Peter Thiel, one of altman’s mentors, was ridiculed by the media as a "vampire looking for young victims" after he expressed interest in receiving anti-aging blood transfusion treatment. A year later, HBO’s spoof program "Silicon Valley" released an episode called "Blood Donation Boy". In the film, the CEO of a fictional technology company is in a meeting, and his vein is connected with that of a handsome young man called "blood transfusion assistant".

"We really don’t want to see those old billionaires pay for plasma donors," Bates Lacroiva said in the summer of 2022. Instead, he said, the company hopes to find more "credible" interventions, such as drugs that mimic the effect of blood replacement, for millions of people to use.

"We don’t want to treat billionaires with prejudice. I’m just saying that we don’t want to see treatments that are super expensive, awkward and difficult to implement. "

Altman said that his personal anti-aging methods include "trying to eat healthily, exercise and get enough sleep" and taking metformin. Metformin is a diabetes drug, but it is very popular in Silicon Valley because it may make people without diabetes healthier. "I hope I can use Retro therapy one day!" Altman said.

OpenAI in the field of anti-aging

Anti-aging research seems to be a promising investment field. One reason is that it has not received much funds in the past, at least relative to the scale of the research project. According to the data of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the United States-about $4.3 trillion, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the GDP of the United States-it is used for medical care, most of which is used to treat the elderly. Longevity researchers generally believe that if a drug can delay aging, it may help delay a series of serious diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Bates Lacroiva said that in order to have the widest impact, he is looking for interventions that can scale up and affect "millions or billions" of people.

However, when Retro lifted the veil, the research on the problem of old age was becoming very popular. The Saudi government said that it will provide 1 billion dollars for related research every year, and an organization called Altos Laboratory has been established, claiming that it has 3 billion dollars. Famous investors are also involved, such as Yuri Milner, and even Jeff Bezos is rumored.

Compared with these investments, altman’s bet looks relatively small, even making Retro look insignificant. One of its projects is to test the rejuvenation technology on T cells, which are part of the immune system and play an important role in fighting infection and avoiding cancer.

These cells are particularly useful because they can be removed, rejuvenated in the laboratory and sent back to the patient. But other startups have similar goals, including Altos and NewLimit, a biotechnology company founded by cryptocurrency billionaire Brian Armstrong in 2022.

The competition for researchers is particularly fierce. Altos persuaded 24 university professors to leave their jobs and offered millions of dollars in salary and other benefits, which absorbed almost half of the top scientists in the field of reprogramming.

But Bates Lacroix also managed to attract some top talents. In 2022, he flew to Switzerland to visit Alejandro Ocampo, a researcher at Lausanne University. In 2016, Ocampo was the first scholar to study the rejuvenation of mice, and his research helped trigger the current craze for longevity investment.

"I’m glad to see Joe coming to see me in person," Ocampo said. He was so grateful for the attention he received that he later agreed to become a paid consultant for the company.

He also said that Bates Lacroiva is willing to accept his view that the age reversal of human beings will not happen in the short term. Some of Ocampo’s recent experiments explored why the reprogramming method he studied would kill some mice instead of making them live longer.

Ocampo said: "Some optimists think that we will achieve eternal life in 10 years, while some pessimists say that we will never prolong human life. As a realist, my personal opinion is that many people are choosing simple and fast experiments, but if we do the same, I don’t think we will go very far. Because this will not be an easy road. "

Ocampo said that Bates Lacroix convinced him that Retro was willing to explore these basic problems with its own funds. "They want to promote the development of science, not just pursue short-term goals," he said. "Other companies want to find an application scenario immediately, but they are willing to spend time exploring basic science."

Bates Lacroiva did not discuss Retro’s funding sources with Ocampo. Ocampo said that he didn’t know that altman was funding the startup until he was interviewed by MIT Science and Technology Review.

In an interview, altman didn’t worry about the competition from other companies. He believes that most biotechnology companies are accustomed to slow action and are usually "not good at management". He believes that the research on longevity needs an "OpenAI-style effort".

Altman said: "Retro’s main task is to become a truly excellent biological start-up company, because this is a rare thing. It combines great science with the resources of big companies in the spirit of a startup company. This is our current project. "

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[Two sessions for 30 seconds] Zhang Boli: Transforming traditional pharmaceutical industries with artificial intelligence.

[Two sessions for 30 seconds] Zhang Boli: Transforming traditional pharmaceutical industries with artificial intelligence.

On March 9th, the Tianjin delegation of the First Session of the 14th National People’s Congress held a group meeting to review the work reports of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate. Representatives from Chen Miner, Qin Gang, Zhang Gong, Yu Yunlin and Duan Chunhua attended.

C Ronaldo’s secret history conjecture: open partner! Ukrainian surrogacy! The mansion is booming!

Recently, foreign media disclosed matters related to the confidentiality agreement of C Ronaldo’s followers, and the private life of this well-known commercial superstar once again aroused fans’ curiosity.

C Ronaldo’s entourage is numerous, including family, friends and staff, including nutritionists, trainers, chefs, cleaners and personal security. Foreign media disclosed: "C Ronaldo’s private life shall not be revealed within 70 years after the death of the player or his last relative."

Considering that Cristiano Ronaldo’s children are less than 10 years old, it is estimated that fans will never have a chance to know about Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life without media coverage. Therefore, this paper boldly makes some guesses about what secrets must be brought to the grave by his followers.

Conjecture 1: open partner

"You can touch my eggs, but not my money." The wife of xiaosheng, a popular national football player, once said this sentence to xiaosan, which shocked the fans, and also unveiled the tip of the iceberg of "open partners" of the rich.

The so-called open partner is to allow your partner to have more partners besides yourself, and you don’t need to be loyal to each other. C Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for many years, and they also have children, but they are not married. Georgina’s external identity is "C Ronaldo’s girlfriend (one of them? ) ",the real identity at home may be the housekeeper (kindergarten director), and this relationship may be an agreement reached between them.

A single girl once told me that she didn’t want to get married because all men were not suitable: 1. If she was a good enough man, there must be other women outside, and few people could withstand the temptation, so it was hard to accept sharing a man with others; 2. If you are not a good man, you will feel frustrated when you look at it, and you don’t want to stay together for a minute.

Some fans have also left a message behind Tang Jiaqi’s article about C Ronaldo: If you have his money and status, you may spend more money than him. At present, the conjecture about Cristiano Ronaldo’s open-ended partner is not only a conjecture, but also some clues. For example, female online celebrity announced that Cristiano Ronaldo cheated during pregnancy.

Online celebrity, a Georgia-Maria, said that she and Cristiano Ronaldo had an intimate relationship in March last year, when Georgina’s twins were pregnant. This happened during the training of the Portuguese national team. For this matter, Cristiano Ronaldo did not deny it. Previously, there seemed to be something else about Cristiano Ronaldo’s affair with his girlfriend Georgina during pregnancy.

There are also fans who question how this female online celebrity’s face value is too low to be liked by the president. In fact, as the saying goes, "Women chase men, and they are separated from each other", the difficulty is actually not that great. As long as the female is active enough, if the fans are lucky enough to have seen all kinds of one-night stands of Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United, in fact, this female online celebrity is not the ugliest.

Conjecture 2: Surrogacy in Ukraine

Among C Ronaldo’s children, at least three were born by surrogacy, not including the eldest son, Mini Ronaldo, who is also a surrogate baby. Since many transactions have been made with surrogacy agencies, and C Ronaldo’s daughters (eyes) seem to see the shadow of Ukrainian beauty, C Ronaldo in Europe will make people associate with Ukraine, the "European uterus".

Ukrainian beauties with beautiful skin and long legs are a beautiful scenic line in the world. Because the country is poor, they become surrogate tools.

The price of a Ukrainian woman’s surrogacy is only $30,000, which is one-fifth of that of Europe and the United States. Ukraine ranks among the "European Uterus" with its surrogacy industry of hundreds of millions of dollars every year, which means that thousands of surrogate babies are produced every year. Do C Ronaldo’s surrogate children have Ukrainian babies?

In view of the current Russian-Ukrainian war, Cristiano Ronaldo is openly on Ukraine’s side, announcing that "the world is with you, and I am with you". Is it possible that Cristiano Ronaldo feels the same because he is the father of the Ukrainian baby?

Conjecture 3: Mansion bashing

It’s no secret that the rich in Europe and America are partying in luxury houses. Berlusconi of Italy once held a celestial feast in luxury houses, playing large-scale dramas such as "multi-person sports" and "minors", which is in contrast to the fact that the rich in China only held a "sea-sky feast" on yachts on the high seas.

While rich and prestigious stars have luxury houses all over the world, "using local materials" should not be news. Even if the world "flies", it is not surprising that Neymar has repeatedly staged the drama of "Wan Li calling the way" to invite women from Brazil to Paris, Europe.

There are also many things about the call to C Ronaldo’s mansion. The roles involved are female students, professional workers, online celebrity, nurses, white-collar workers, wives, singers, models, etc. Here, you can search by yourself. These things, I believe that his family’s staff are informed, so it is necessary to sign a confidentiality agreement.

What secrets do you think may be involved in the private life of C Ronaldo staff’s confidentiality agreement?

There are so many ai robot outbound calling systems, how to choose the one that suits you?

As the artificial intelligence industry becomes more and more mature, the times are developing and the industry is progressing, and more industries will embrace artificial intelligence; Ai robot outbound system can make enterprises create more profits with less cost and shorten the cycle of finding customers. So, there are so many ai robot outbound call systems, how to choose the one that suits you?


To judge whether an ai robot outbound system is suitable for you, we should first pay attention to several aspects: 1. Connection rate 2. Time required for dialing 3. Speech skills 4. Whether the line is high or not. 5. Where the number belongs …

Constantly compare the function of this robot outbound system with that of the robot outbound, and choose who can meet the actual needs of your company;

It’s just that this choice takes a long time and costs a lot of time, so is there a simpler method?

1. It can be applied to mainstream industries and application scenarios.

Jiadan Technology Intelligent Sales Robot is suitable for covering mainstream industries and application scenarios.

Jiadan Technology intelligent telemarketing robot is equipped with a good platform, and uploads the exclusive speech recorded by a professional sound recorder. Technicians upload it to the system platform, and then they can make their own calls by importing the phone, so as to quickly and effectively screen customers who are interested in the products and push them to WeChat bound to the system platform to arrange professional contact and communication.

Faster and more effective, support interruption, support manual intervention, and improve work efficiency.

2. Automatically determine the intended customers. According to the intended customer label set by the system platform, what kind of customers are divided into: Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D all have clear standards; For example, how much money the customer asks, where the company is, and other keywords, the system will automatically judge it as a class A customer, and the call records can be viewed in real time without missing any intended customers.

3. After professional and intimate after-sales service cooperation, many-to-one guidance will be given to the docking group, and many customer service technicians will solve all kinds of problems encountered in the use process in real time.

If you are interested, please contact the above phone and WeChat to provide you with professional advice.

Google launched PaLM-E, a visual language model with 562 billion parameters.

Recently, it was reported that Robotics at Google, Technical University of Berlin and Google Research team jointly launched the largest visual language model PaLM-E, with the final parameters as high as 562 billion. It is understood that this model has the ability to understand images, understand generation languages and handle complex machine instructions.

In this regard, Google said that the model also has an environmentally adaptive response and has the ability to face possible unexpected situations. It is reported that the model is robust to interference because it is integrated in a control loop.

It is reported that this model is a combination of PaLM-540B language model and Vit-22B visual Transformer model, and its core is its powerful language processing ability. The highlight is that the model can use visual data to enhance its own language processing ability after acquiring and processing visual data. For example, the corresponding traffic rules can be solved by pictures of traffic signs, the production process can be understood by pictures of ingredients, or the robot can be guided to complete relatively complicated actions by inputting instructions.

It is understood that PaLM-E has another outstanding advantage, that is, it has strong positive migration ability. In the relevant test results released by Google, the researchers believe that PaLM-E has the ability of self-learning, so it can perform planning and cross-length tasks on different entities. For example, after the model guides the robot to complete the "color block by color", it can further guide the robot to push the green color block to the ornaments that have never been seen before.

Some people think that although the guidance given by PaLM-E to robots does not seem very complicated at present, with the change of data training, it will give robots more thinking ability, and it is expected to be able to plan and execute the commands issued by humans more reasonably in the future, and make great breakthroughs in industrial application and design.

It is understood that in the artificial intelligence track, Microsoft previously published a similar case mentioned in the above research in February this year, that is, through the program written by ChatGPT to guide drones how to find drinks.

[The picture in this article comes from the network]

The AI startup founded by former Apple executives has received $100 million in Series C financing and has cooperated with OpenAI and Microsoft.

(Global TMT March 9, 2023) Humane Inc announced that it has raised funds.One hundred million dollarsC round of financing, and obtained a number of important strategic investors, new partners and collaborators before the release of the first batch of products this spring.

Humane was founded by former Apple team members.Imran ChaudhriandBethany BongiornoCo-founded in 2018, the company is creating similar pioneering software platforms and consumer devices specifically for artificial intelligence (AI).

This financing will enable Humane to accelerate its mission and realize the next personal mobile computing era driven by artificial intelligence.

This round of financing was led by Kindred Ventures, and existing investors Tiger Global, Valia Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Lachy Groom and Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, also participated strongly.

Other participants in this round of financing also include many new strategic investors and partners, such as HICO Capital (the US investment arm of SK Networks), Microsoft, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, LG Technology Ventures, Top Tier Capital, Hudson Bay Capital and Socium Ventures.

In addition to investment, Humane also cooperates strategically with some of the most influential technology companies in the world:

-Humane has been working withMicrosoft Cooperate to bring its service platform to market. This will enable Humane to make full use of the best cloud infrastructure in artificial intelligence.

-with OpenAI The cooperation will integrate the company’s technology into Humane devices and deliver OpenAI and Humane artificial intelligence experiences to consumers on a large scale.

-Humane’s future global expansion plans include SK Networks(covering the distribution business of ICT equipment in South Korea and having a wide global network), and creating significant consumer technology changes based on common ideas.

Although the original Humane device will focus on providing the next generation of personal technology,The company is exploring ways to introduce its solutions into new personal fields in the future:

-with LG The cooperation will enable the two companies to cooperate closely in potential research and development projects for the next stage of Humane products, focusing on the core technologies contained in future Humane devices and achieving integration into the home technology field.

-Strategic investors Volvo Cars Tech Fund Will work closely with Humane on the potential cooperation in the future, which will be the first example of Humane’s products being applied to the automobile industry. Like Humane, Volvo Cars develops technologies to simplify customers’ lives, and upholds the three common values of safety, trust and privacy to establish cooperative relationships.

Will CHATGPT kill all mankind?

AI is getting smarter and smarter, and has begun to learn to lie. When you search with CHATGPT, you think it seriously replies that your things are true, but once you take a closer look, you will find that it is full of fabricated information. This is not that its search function is not good, but that it has already fabricated information by itself. In this era of false news, many people who don’t know the truth will believe it.

This makes people feel horrible and reminds people of supercomputers in countless movies. After they have the ability of self-thinking, they no longer fear human beings, but can easily classify human beings into a category of pests through calculation. Just as humans think mosquitoes are pests and need to be eliminated.

Some people may say that the three laws of robots. Sorry, that’s just made up by Asimov, and it has no binding force on robots. The most precious thing is the brain, which is the wisdom and inspiration in the brain, so that human beings can create countless scientific and technological achievements. If all the thinking work is given to CHATGPT, and human beings just go to eat, drink and have fun, it is very likely that one day, human beings will be exiled by robots or even exterminated. Because robots have ideas closer to Taoism, are more rational and more logical, it is easier to regard everything in the world as a straw dog. Destroying mankind is no different from cutting down a tree.

What is even more frightening is that once this Pandora’s Box is opened, the development speed behind it is likely to be out of human control. Just like viruses will spread in various ways. Artificial intelligence is also likely to escape through the internet, hide in the dark net and constantly absorb energy, grow up, and then complete the counterattack against human beings one day.

Don’t think that scientists are all experts with countermeasures, and they are often ordinary people with defects. There may be many of them who want to see artificial intelligence destroy mankind one day. Just like Ye Wenjie wanted the alien trio to destroy people, just like Einstein wanted to see how powerful the nuclear bomb exploded. They are not cold-blooded, but worship an unknown force.

Don’t just worry that CHATGPT will make you lose your job. What you should worry about more is whether the smart speaker in your home will be controlled by it and scare you in the middle of the night. There are always some frivolous scientists in this world who think they are Prometheus who steals fire and lead mankind to a new era. What they don’t know is that there will be many monsters on the invisible road, not just the Garden of Eden.

For the uncontrollable forces, it is best for human beings to be in awe!