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Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is on sale for 152,800 yuan. Who do you choose, it or Song PLUS DM-i?

Yin Tongyue, the head of Chery Group, always emphasizes that Starway should be made into Chery’s "Audi", but from the actual sales results, Starway has not caused much trouble before. However, recently, the listing of a heavy new car of Xingtu brand may refresh the value of its own B-class SUV and lead Xingtu brand to stand firm in the 200,000-class SUV market.

On February 21st, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris was officially listed, and the guide price range of the new car was 1528-202800 yuan. As the first product created by Starway M3X Mars Architecture 2.0, the new car has a good performance in terms of design, dynamic performance and vehicle intelligence. Let’s take a look.

First of all, in terms of design, Eta Ursae Majoris’s front face is made of a large-sized diamond-cut borderless grille with a penetrating light set, which has a strong sense of science and technology and a strong "future mech wind", but for some people who have "secret fear", it may take a while to adapt. On the side of the car body, a sharp waistline runs through the car body, and with the design of hidden door handles, sports multi-frame wheels and suspended roof, it is still in place to create a sports atmosphere.

The tail is also full of attention, and the split brake light is integrated with the tail spoiler; The slim through taillight adopts stepped design on both sides, which widens the horizontal visual effect well; The layout of the blackened exhaust gas from the two sides below is also enough to scare people. On the whole, it does smell like a performance SUV.

In terms of interior, the design of 24.6-inch integrated curved double screen, double-width steering wheel, through air conditioning outlet and piano paint panel has rendered the technology and luxury inside the car well. In addition, the car also uses a large area of soft packages and stitching, which shows that Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is very cheap this time.

Secondly, in terms of intelligence, this 24.6-inch curved dual screen is equipped with the Lion Smart Cloud LION5.0 car networking system, built-in Qualcomm 8155 smart chip, and has a rich intelligent ecology, integrating common APP software such as WeChat, Meituan, Gaode Navigation and iQiyi.

On the level of intelligent assisted driving, Eta Ursae Majoris provides L2.9 intelligent assisted driving system, and is equipped with Horizon J3 assisted driving chip, which includes 21 basic functions of ADAS and 11 high-order intelligent assisted driving functions, and can realize the functions of autonomous parking service, automatic overtaking lane change, full-speed adaptive cruise, automatic ramp up and down, etc. In addition, Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 50-inch AR-HUD, which can provide 50-inch clear imaging at a line-of-sight of 7.5 meters, and subsequently support OTA upgrade.

Furthermore, in terms of ride experience, Eta Ursae Majoris has a length, width and height of 4,781/1920/1,671 mm and a wheelbase of 2,815 mm. Although the size of the car is only quite satisfactory in terms of parameters, Eta Ursae Majoris has given enough configurations in terms of ride comfort: NAPPA leather seats are used for the main driver, as well as headrest audio, electrically adjustable leg rest and seat ventilation/heating/massage; Extra electric foot rest and queen’s co-driver with five massage modes; Equipped with electric adjustment of rear backrest angle and rear independent fresh air system. To put it simply, looking at SUV models at the price of 150,000-200,000, they rarely give users as many seats/comfort configurations as Eta Ursae Majoris, so it is no wonder that Eta Ursae Majoris dares to say that he is on par with luxury models at the level of 400,000.

In terms of driving control, in terms of power, Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a 2.0TGDI+7DCT gold power combination, with a maximum power of 192kW and a peak torque of 400 N m. The fuel consumption under WLTC is 7.5 L/100 km. In terms of handling, Eta Ursae Majoris is equipped with a brand-new flying fish extrasensory chassis, which integrates many advanced technologies and configurations, such as CDC electromagnetic suspension system, Soft stop system, chassis hydraulic vibration isolation system, all-terrain technology system, all-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system, intelligent brake-by-wire system and so on.

To put it simply, Eta Ursae Majoris’s product strength is definitely worthy of its price, so how is its competitiveness compared with competing products of the same level/price?

Let’s talk about independent competing products first. According to Eta Ursae Majoris’s guide price range, we can basically determine that its biggest competitor is BYD Song PLUS DM-i (the price is 15.48-218,800), and the latter is a PHEV model, which has the advantage of being able to get a green license.

However, after a detailed comparison between the two vehicles, we can actually find that, thanks to the vehicle positioning and cost advantages, Eta Ursae Majoris, as a B-class fuel SUV, has a larger seating space and more comfortable configuration, a lower cost than Song PLUS DM-i in terms of intelligent configuration and interior materials, and finally its four-wheel drive version has a lower entry threshold than Song PLUS DM-i (the former is 174,800, and the latter is 20.77).

The weakness of Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is that the daily car cost will be higher. Although the fuel economy of its 2.0T engine is good, the fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 7.6L/100km, but the fuel consumption as low as 4.4L/100km compared with Song PLUS DM-i is still not enough.

Let’s compare the joint venture competing products. Here we list two Japanese veterans at the same price, Toyota RAV4 Rongfang and Honda CR-V. We choose Eta Ursae Majoris four-wheel drive exclusive edition (202,800) /CR-V 2023 two-wheel drive Fengshang edition (201,900) /RAV4 Rongfang 2022 two-wheel drive fashion Plus edition (200,800) with three overlapping price versions.

Through comparison, it can be concluded that the advantages of Eta Ursae Majoris are space (the other two are compact SUVs) and dynamic performance (the maximum power of CR-V 1.5T version is 142kW, and the peak torque is 243N·m;; RAV4 Rongfang 2.0L version has a maximum power of 126kW and a peak torque of 209N·m), configuration and intelligent level. At the same time, Eta Ursae Majoris’s four-wheel drive purchase threshold is lower than them. However, the weakness lies in two aspects: brand power and value-keeping rate. At the same time, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris only provides five seats, while CR-V provides a five-seventh seat layout, which will be less attractive to families with multiple births.

Write it at the end

To sum up, Starway Eta Ursae Majoris’s product strength in driving control, configuration, space, intelligence, materials and other aspects, combined with its price, really has a good competitiveness. However, as we all know, the 200,000-class SUV market in which Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is located needs to strive for service and brand value in addition to technology and product strength. In these aspects, it depends on how Starway brand can improve its marketing and service level.

Then the question is, within the car purchase budget of 150,000-200,000 yuan, will you choose Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris, Song PLUS DM-i, or a Japanese joint venture SUV with the same price? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area.

2022 Chengdu Auto Show: Large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, real shot of the Great Wall Shanhai cannon.

At the Chengdu Auto Show, which opened on August 26th, the Great Wall Gun brand made its debut in a large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck, which was equipped with a 3.0T V6+9AT high-performance power combination, a luxurious cockpit and ever-changing expansion space. This car is the Great Wall Shanhai Gun. The front-line team of Niuche. com also took pictures of Shanhai cannons. Let’s have a look.

In terms of appearance, the outline of Shanhai Gun is almost the same as that of the current Great Wall Gun, and it is still tough and domineering, but some modifications have been made in details. For example, the new car uses a more complicated and beautiful chrome-plated and black two-color front net, and the headlight group also uses an upper and lower double-layer design, which is more layered and more exquisite.

The classic pickup truck shape is still used on the side, and the wide wheel eyebrows and large ground clearance seem to tell you that I am still the Great Wall Gun that can go up the mountain and down the river, full of momentum, and the lines on the side of the car are also straight lines on the upper and lower floors, which not only looks atmospheric, but also has a good sense of hierarchy. In terms of parameters, the length, width and height of the new car are 5440/1991/1924mm and the wheelbase is 3350mm, which is a little bigger than the ordinary version of the Great Wall Gun, and it also indicates more internal space. The rim also adopts a two-color design, which is more fashionable and conforms to the current aesthetics.

The headlights at the rear of the car also adopt an up-and-down split internal structure, which echoes the headlights. The rear tailgate can be unfolded left and right, can be opened horizontally, and can be split in four or six parts. The upper cover plate can also be folded up and down, making it more convenient to take things. However, due to the limited size of the car body, the size of the trunk is not very large. Fortunately, there is a large storage box under the bottom cover of the trunk, which is enough for daily driving or traveling. ‘

For enthusiasts, Shanhai Gun has also reserved a lot of anchor points in the rear trunk, which is convenient for modification according to actual needs. At the same time, the tail is equipped with a trailer hook and an optional winch, all of which have greatly improved its extreme off-road ability.

In terms of interior, Shanhai Gun is similar to Tank 500, using a small-sized LCD instrument and a suspended central control panel, which is practical, luxurious and scientific, and the three-position steering wheel is the same as the joystick of the spacecraft, which is classic and innovative.

At the same time, in creating a sense of luxury, the interior of the new car uses a lot of leather and soft material packages, and many solid wood decorative boards are added to the details, which are very eye-catching, domineering in appearance and exquisite in interior. It is the core index of Shanhai Gun.

Configuration, head-up display, quartz clock, brand audio, electric adjustable rear seat angle, heating and ventilation of front and rear seats are all available, which is quite surprising.


Looking at luxury, sitting comfortably and driving wild seems to be the realm that Shanhai cannon wants to achieve. However, in this era, hard-core cross-country is paying attention to the comfort of transportation. It is also normal for Great Wall Gun to build such a large pickup truck with exquisiteness and luxury. Then let’s wait for its performance and see if you recognize this pickup truck with great personality.

Chery tiggo 8PLUS kunpeng edition will be on the market soon, which is more expensive but stronger.

The Tiggo 8 series is undoubtedly the most important model in Chery’s product matrix, which can basically contribute more than 10,000 vehicles to the brand every month. Under Chery’s big single product strategy, the current Tiggo 8 series has formed a high and low camp of Tiggo 8PLUS+ Tiggo 8, covering the price range of 80,000-160,000. Chery has been continuously tapping its market potential for this hot-selling product. Not long ago, it launched the Tiggo 8 Kunpeng version and added 2.0T power. The Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng version will also be launched tonight.

The modeling design of the Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng Edition is consistent with the original 1.5T and 1.6T series, but it is different from the Tiggo 8. The interior of the polygonal grille on the front of the car is chrome-plated in star lattice, and two groups of L-shaped light sources are used in the narrow headlights on both sides, which is more recognizable after lighting, and the whole front face is relatively more refined than the original design.

The side is not big, the shape is stable and atmospheric, and the two-color wheel hub highlights the movement. The rear part doesn’t use penetrating taillights like the Tiggo 8, but the black and white decoration inside is also quite individual, and a large number of horizontal lines also outline a strong level of big mouth. It is worth mentioning that the car uses a bilateral four-way exhaust hole design, which indicates good performance.

The interior uses the popular digital cockpit style. The central control panel and the instrument panel form a double screen design. There is also a touch control panel in front of the bar. The three screens create a strong scientific and technological atmosphere, and a small number of physical buttons are set in the car, which is convenient for quick operation.

In the configuration part, the Tiggo 8PLUS Kunpeng version will come standard with front and rear airbags, panoramic sunroof, induction electric trunk, dual 12.3-inch screen, 360-degree panoramic image, voice recognition system, navigation, car networking, OTA upgrade and other functions. In addition to the heroic version, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, road traffic sign recognition, full-speed adaptive cruise, active braking and built-in driving recorder will also be equipped.

The dimensions, length, width and height of the new car are 4722/1860/1745mm and the wheelbase is 2710mm, which is quite spacious for a five-seat car. The trunk volume can reach 889L in normal state, and it is 1930L in the back row.

The Kunpeng version uses a 2.0TGDI turbocharged engine with a maximum horsepower of 254Ps and a peak torque of 390N·m, which has appeared on many Chery models. It is reported that the car can achieve a zero-speed acceleration of 7.3S, and the vehicle will also be equipped with a new generation of electronically controlled intelligent four-wheel drive system, with various driving modes such as economy, sports, snow, mud and off-road, which can adapt to more different road conditions.

The Kunpeng version will be more expensive than the cash price, and the current pre-sale price is 1419-169900 yuan, but the richer configuration and stronger power performance are undoubtedly very worthwhile. At present, the Tiggo 8 series has become the sales force of the explosive family in the market, and the arrival of the Kunpeng version has further improved the product layout, which is believed to contribute to the sales growth.

Visit the China International Import Expo(CIIE) National Exhibition Hall: Learn from each other, promote exchanges and cooperation and seek a win-win situation

  National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) West Entrance. (Xinhua News Agency)

  Cambodia shows "development and opportunity"

  The shape design of the Cambodia National Pavilion originated from the Royal Palace in Cambodia, focusing on the traditional culture and special commodities of the Khmer nation. Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhang Bao for the picture

  The National Pavilion of Cambodia has strong national cultural characteristics, and the whole pavilion "copied" pictures of the Royal Palace of Cambodia, Angkor Wat and other famous temples in Cambodia. On the big screen in the museum, there is a promotional film on Cambodia’s trade, economy and tourism development.

  "Cambodia hopes to show traditional Khmer culture and special commodities, introduce the investment, trade and tourism environment, and invite countries to share cooperation opportunities." According to China’s embassy in Cambodia, business counselor Wu Guoquan, the first China International Import Expo(CIIE) brought Cambodia a full harvest, and China-Cambodia economic and trade cooperation was tangible and fruitful. In this year’s China International Import Expo(CIIE), Cambodian people from all walks of life are more enthusiastic. The special products such as cassava, pepper, cashew nuts, palm sugar, fish sauce, coffee and handicrafts displayed in the museum have attracted many visitors to buy them.

  In addition to specialty products, Cambodia focused on Cambodia’s trade and economy, Khmer culture, tourism and investment projects this year. A poster attracted the reporter’s attention. Under the words "Development and Opportunity", there was a picture of a vast blue sea with pleasant scenery. Gao Chunhui, director of the operation center of Tianjin Youlian Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the group has been in Cambodia for 12 years. The Cambodia-China Comprehensive Investment Development Experimental Zone and Cambodia Qixinghai Tourism and Holiday Zone written on the poster are one of the 11 key cooperation projects for China-Cambodia capacity investment jointly signed by China and Cambodia in October 2016.

  Gao Chunhui said that the group hopes to use China International Import Expo(CIIE) to attract foreign partners to invest in Cambodia. Cambodia has the best coastline, precious mangroves, good business environment, friendly people and sufficient labor force. "Over the past three days, many companies have come to dock and are interested in investing in tourism and other industries in Cambodia. We feel very rewarding. Later, we will continue to dock, hoping that they will visit Cambodia and share ‘ Development and opportunity ’ 。” (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Shen Zezhen Zhang Bao)

  Jamaican eagerly awaits China’s investment.

  Visitors taste Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee. Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhou Mingyang photo

  Jamaican was one of the 15 guest countries in the second China International Import Expo(CIIE) and participated in China International Import Expo(CIIE) for the second time. The Jamaican National Pavilion shows its achievements in agriculture, tourism, mining, logistics and other fields to consumers in China, expecting to reach deeper and wider cooperation with China.

  Jamaica is located in the western part of the Caribbean, with superior geographical position, rich natural resources and mineral resources, good climatic conditions, and the port with the highest throughput in the Caribbean. This year, the theme of the Jamaica Pavilion is "Doing business in Jamaica", and "Investment, trade and connectivity" are the three key words of Jamaica’s participation. I hope that by participating in China International Import Expo(CIIE), more people will know about Jamaica’s business environment and investment environment and invest in Jamaica.

  The front of the "bar" in the Jamaica Pavilion is very lively, and the audience waiting to taste Jamaica’s blue mountain coffee and rum lined up in a long line. The whole Jamaica Pavilion is full of attractive coffee and wine. Ni Kaolian, general manager of Nijie Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is based in Shanghai and is responsible for investment consulting, product procurement, tourism information consulting and cultural exchange between China and Jamaica. She told reporters that participating in the first China International Import Expo(CIIE) made more people begin to understand and pay attention to Jamaica.

  This year’s China International Import Expo(CIIE), Jamaica brought many high-quality products, such as lobster, coffee, tea, rum, sauces and so on, which are popular among China consumers. "Frozen lobsters from Jamaica can already be bought in China. This year, we will launch a fresh lobster business, and China consumers can taste fresher Jamaican lobsters."

  Tourism is the key project promoted by Jamaica this time. Jamaica has beautiful beaches. Visitors can experience surfing, rowing, diving and other marine projects, and eat delicious seafood and exquisite dishes. Visitors can also experience "farmhouse music", be a "Caribbean farmer", harvest sugar cane like locals, make rum by themselves, and even ride horses in the sea. More importantly, Jamaica’s culture is diverse. Being in Jamaica, you can appreciate the integrated culture of the whole Caribbean.

  Ni Kaolian said that Jamaica has vast farmland, developed agricultural and processing infrastructure, abundant low-cost labor and huge market opportunities. With the expansion of Panama Canal, Jamaica’s logistics industry has developed rapidly. "Jamaica is a good place to do business. Welcome more China friends to visit Jamaica!" (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhou Mingyang)

  India expands bigger export market

  The India Pavilion displays the development achievements in the fields of service trade, science and technology in India. Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhu Lin photo

  Stepping into the National Pavilion of India, the colors dominated by white and blue give people a fresh and quiet feeling. The person in charge told the reporter that China people are familiar with India’s long history, rich culture, special cuisine and colorful art, but what they want to show at the China International Import Expo(CIIE) is an India that is changing with each passing day and full of infinite possibilities.

  "Indian vaccines are exported to 150 countries and regions around the world; India has become a global small car manufacturing center; India ranks fifth in adopting automation technology on a large scale … …” Indian Minister of Commerce Anup Wadhawan said in a message to China International Import Expo(CIIE) that China International Import Expo(CIIE) provides a unique opportunity for Indian exporters to explore new opportunities and further expand their trade footprint and market share.

  In the museum, India displayed its development achievements in service trade, tourism, culture, food and other major industries and science and technology. Sharad Kumar Saraf, President of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations, said that China International Import Expo(CIIE) is an ideal platform for inviting China enterprises to invest in India.

  "By 2028, India will become the third largest economy in the world" — — This is a propaganda slogan in the India Pavilion. The head of the India Pavilion said that it is becoming more and more convenient for Indian goods to be exported to China. In the fields of pharmaceuticals, information technology and agricultural products, which have global influence and competitive advantages, there will be more room for cooperation between India and China in the future.

  The head of India National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation Co., Ltd. said that China’s continuous opening-up and the implementation of various convenient measures to attract foreign enterprises to enter China provided a very good opportunity for Indian enterprises to enter the China market.

  In the India Pavilion, an exhibitor from Guangxi stopped for a long time at the booth where spices were placed and studied all kinds of spices with great interest. "India is famous for its spices, some of which are not available in China. Communicate with Indian exhibitors on the spot and learn more market information, which is very informative. We can cooperate and complement Indian companies. " (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Zhu Lin)

  Russian "hard core" exhibits become "online celebrity"

  The Russian National Pavilion attracted many visitors. Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Gao Xinggui photo

  The second China International Import Expo(CIIE) Russian National Pavilion was bursting with popularity, and Russia’s rich cultural heritage and advanced scientific and technological achievements gathered in the pavilion, making people dizzying.

  A "Golden Russia" limousine spliced in black and white has become a well-deserved "online celebrity" in the exhibition hall, and an endless stream of spectators came to watch the "punching in", many of whom came to find out. In addition to luxury cars, there are blue and white new medium-sized narrow-body passenger planes, red and white firefighting helicopters, and blue-green world-leading icebreaker & HELIP; … All kinds of "hard core" equipment are amazing.

  The Russian National Pavilion also highlights areas where China and Russia are cooperating or have promising cooperation prospects, including aviation and shipbuilding, agriculture and energy machinery manufacturing, digital economy, intelligent robots and jewelry technology. Russian companies participating in the exhibition cover meat and poultry, honey and grain, dairy products, candy and other industries.

  "Russian companies are very interested in China International Import Expo(CIIE). Our primary goal is to clarify the variety and scope of goods that Russian manufacturers are going to export to China, maintain the enthusiasm of those industries that already have good export potential, establish the supply of high-tech products, and focus on promoting export areas directly related to modern trends and technologies. " Alexei Kozevnikov, Senior Vice President of Russian Export Center, said.

  "The market docking area between the two countries is packed and very popular." Jiang Ding, vice president of Guangdong Imported Food Association, said that trade service is a bridge for Chinese and Russian enterprises to understand each other, which helps Russian enterprises to know more about China’s economic and trade policies and market consumption characteristics, improve their products in a targeted way, and at the same time, let China buyers know more about Russian enterprises’ product characteristics and make more rational and effective choices in the huge foreign market.

  Fana Gaulias Wine Company is one of the three major Russian wine producers. Misa, the company’s senior export general manager, told reporters that the first China International Import Expo(CIIE) has improved the brand awareness of the company. At present, China has the largest share in the company’s export market, and the future goal is to increase the sales volume of China by five times.

  This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. Alexei Gruzdev, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, said that Russian-Chinese relations are currently in an all-round positive development stage, the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries are increasingly stable and expanding, the cooperation projects between the two sides are increasing year by year, and the trade is increasingly diversified. Talking about the goal that the bilateral trade volume between Russia and China has exceeded 200 billion US dollars, Gruzdev said that promoting the implementation of this goal will help promote the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between the two countries in the new era. (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Qu Lihua)

  Italy promotes technology and design

  The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum of ancient Rome, the Milan Church and the Plaza Saint Kyle, the "most beautiful living room" in Europe, are the four famous Italian pavilions, which make many visitors stop to visit and feel different Italian tastes.

  "Integrating the most representative architectural elements in the Italian urban landscape into the exhibition area by modern and scientific means not only shows the profound Millennium meaning of the Renaissance country, but also simply and clearly conveys the rich connotation of the long-term friendly relationship between Italy and China, as well as the hopes and demands for the future, and enhances the audience’s sense of experience. This is the original design intention of the Italian Pavilion." Ma Shizhen, chief representative of the Shanghai Representative Office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, said.

  The theme of this year’s Italy Pavilion is "Italian Technology and Design along the New Silk Road", and its exhibits are jointly selected by the Italian Industrial Design Association and the Italian National Fashion Association, including innovative contents created by young designers for the fashion industry, elaborate promotion videos, interactive exhibits introduction, etc., which fully display Italy’s high-tech products and advanced design concepts.

  On the first floor of the exhibition hall, there is a wide wooden bench, which attracts many spectators to sit down. The staff told the reporter that the chair looks simple and natural, but it can be used as a charging pile for electric cars, or for charging mobile phones and computers. The designer’s clever mind is hidden in the inconspicuous details.

  The Italy Pavilion has also specially produced an application program. The full-motion video generated by 360-degree shooting technology enables visitors to visit four Italian cities in a virtual environment through realistic images, and to have an overview of the unique historical imprint and cultural precipitation.

  According to reports, the Italian delegation covers all fields, with more exhibitors in consumer goods, agribusiness and technical departments. Exhibitors include not only well-known companies such as Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ferriero, Iveco and Leonard, but also many Italian small and medium-sized enterprises that are not well-known in China.

  Geographically speaking, although China and Italy are far away, the ancient Silk Road connects China and ancient Rome. Italian President Mattarella once said that this is a close link between Italy and China. In March 2019, Italy and China signed a memorandum of understanding on the Belt and Road Initiative, becoming the first G7 member to join the Belt and Road Initiative. At present, Italy has become China’s fifth largest trading partner in the EU, while China is Italy’s largest trading partner in Asia.

  "2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy." Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Luigi Di Mayo said that Italy is willing to play an active role in promoting the development of EU-China relations, and will work with China to strengthen cultural exchanges and consolidate and deepen friendship and cooperation between the two countries. (Economic Daily-China Economic Net reporter Yang Zhongyang)

AITO asked the world that the new M7 delivered 30,635 new cars in 84 days.

  On December 6th, IT House reported that in November this year, all the brands in Wenjie delivered 18,827 vehicles in November, of which 15,242 vehicles were successfully delivered by Wenjie, and 10,000 vehicles were delivered for two consecutive months. At the same time, the number of new M7 cars has exceeded 100,000.

  According to the latest official data, 30,635 new M7 vehicles were delivered in 84 days. According to reports, the car purchase rights in December include 12,000 yuan for interior and exterior decoration, 15,000 yuan for matching rights and so on.

AITO asked the world that the new M7 delivered 30,635 new cars in 84 days.

  The M7 was officially launched on September 12th. Last month, two new models were added. The car offers seven configurations, five-seat and six-seat seat layouts, with a guide price range of 249,800 yuan. IT house summary guide price:

  This model has a length of 5020mm, a width of 1945mm, a height of 1760mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm. It uses a drive motor with a rated power of 70kW/72kW and a peak power of 130kW/200kW. The maximum net power of the engine is 110kW, and the fuel consumption of WLTC is 0.85L or 1.06L per 100 kilometers. It is equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery.

  In terms of intelligent driving,The new M7 in Wenjie is equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system.It can realize high-speed and urban intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps. The new car is equipped with 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 high-definition visual sensing cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which supports parking service and ultra-narrow parking spaces in the park.

AITO asked the world that the new M7 delivered 30,635 new cars in 84 days.

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Heduo Technology Releases Smart parking service Product HoloParking Announces A Round of Financing

  BEIJING, Dec. 14 (Xinhua)-Today, Heduo Technology held a press conference in Beijing, and released and displayed its self-developed intelligent parking service product HoloParking. This product is the first self-driving parking service product that supports all-weather and all-scene real operation, and can realize the whole process of unmanned parking and car pickup. Heduo Technology will join hands with partners to implement the "2020 Plan" and jointly promote the landing application of HoloParking. In addition, Heduo Technology also announced that the company has recently completed a round of tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Ni Kai, founder of Heduo Technology, released HoloParking.
Ni Kai, founder of Heduo Technology, released HoloParking.

  Eliminating parking anxiety, HoloParking lets human drivers get rid of parking lots.

  Heduo Technology focuses on building an autonomous driving scheme based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and automobile industry technology, and is one of the few companies in the industry with full-stack autonomous driving research and development capabilities. According to Ni Kai, the founder of Heduo Technology, the original intention of the company was to realize the technology landing as soon as possible and let people enjoy the benefits of autonomous driving as soon as possible. HoloParking released this time applies L4 autopilot technology to parking scenes, aiming to completely liberate human beings from the chore of parking.

  Different from the existing parking assistance function in the market, HoloParking doesn’t need the driver to drive the vehicle to the parking space, and the driver can get off at the gate of the parking lot, and the vehicle can find the parking space and park it by itself, without being watched. When picking up the car, the owner can also remotely start the HoloParking system, so that the vehicle can park itself and drive to the boarding place. In other words, the owner can complete the whole process of parking and picking up the car without entering the parking lot. Ni Kai believes that the value of this product lies in saving time and energy for car owners in all weather and all scenes.

  The first parking service product that supports "all-weather", "full scene" and "real operation"

  In fact, the parking scene is an application scene of autonomous driving technology that is widely concerned by the industry. At present, many automobile manufacturers, Tier 1 (first-class supplier) enterprises and autonomous driving companies are competing to develop solutions for this scene.

  In Ni Kai’s view, compared with other parking service schemes, HoloParking’s advantage lies in its ability to support all-weather and all-scene real operation. No matter in the environment with serious light shortage, in the complex parking lot with mixed traffic and many emergencies, or in bad weather such as rain, snow, strong wind and dense fog, HoloParking’s system can operate normally, providing users with safe and stable parking service service.

  Ni Kai believes that in order to achieve all-weather and all-scene real operation, parking service system must have three capabilities: intelligence, robustness and landing. Heduo Technology can achieve this function mainly due to HoloParking’s unique "three-in-one" technical scheme.

  According to Ni Kai, the conventional thinking of the industry is to take the car as the only carrier to realize autonomous driving, but the pure car-end solution can not meet the three requirements of intelligence, robustness and landing at the same time. The practice of Heduo Technology is to introduce the field terminal and high-precision map terminal into HoloParking system, and form a set of "three-in-one" scheme together with the vehicle terminal. Through the coordinated operation of the three terminals, HoloParking is obviously more intelligent in perception, positioning and decision-making; Through sufficient redundancy, higher robustness can be achieved, and various complex working conditions, climates and unexpected situations can be properly dealt with. In addition, by empowering the field end, the sensor and calculation unit at the vehicle end completely meet the requirements of the vehicle regulations.

  During the conference, HoloParking was dynamically displayed on the spot.

  In the first round of display, the tester started HoloParking service with one button through the mobile APP 100 meters away from the open-air parking lot, and then the vehicle automatically drove to the parking lot. When the sudden appearance of pedestrians on the road is detected, the vehicle stops immediately, waits for the pedestrians to leave before moving on, and finally stops smoothly. When returning the car, the tester remotely started HoloParking through the App, and the vehicle was parked independently. When an obstacle car parked on the road was detected, it bypassed the obstacle car through secondary route planning and continued to drive, successfully reaching the boarding place.

  The second round shows that HoloParking is equally intelligent and stable when multiple vehicles are running at the same time. Three different types of vehicles carrying HoloParking received parking instructions at the same time, two stopped and one picked up the car, all of which successfully completed the task. On the way to the vehicle, the nearby waterwheel began to water to simulate heavy rain. Under such conditions, the vehicle still successfully completed the whole process.

  Wang zheng, vice president of Heduo Technology, pointed out that HoloParking has been able to effectively cope with all kinds of bad weather and emergencies, and support multiple vehicles to run at the same time, thus meeting the needs of actual landing operation, with high stability and safety.

  The "2020 Plan" was announced for the first time, and parking service can be expected to land

  While releasing HoloParking, Heduo Technology also disclosed the future landing plan of this product.

  Ni Kai said that the commercialization process of HoloParking will start from important outlets and gradually realize large-scale operation. In this process, Heduo will work with commerce, automobile industry and capital to build parking service Alliance.

  At the press conference, Heduo Technology announced its "2020 Plan" for the first time.

  Starting from 2019, Heduo Technology will be the main technical participant, and cooperate with Shanghai Automobile City to carry out the "Last Mile" demonstration operation project, centering on the automobile innovation port, radiating Shanghai Automobile Museum and Shanghai Automobile Expo Park, and HoloParking will polish the technology in the continuous real operation.

  By 2020, Heduo will support more than 20 cities, with at least 20 parking lots in each city. In order to achieve this goal, at the parking lot end, Heduo will cooperate with the smart parking enterprise "Parking Simple" to jointly complete the intelligent upgrade of the parking lot, so as to support the service of HoloParking in parking service.

  In terms of sensors, Hedo has reached a strategic cooperation with Velodyne, the world’s leading laser radar supplier. As a strategic partner, Velodyne will provide Hedo with priority procurement rights and support Hedo’s wider deployment in the future. In the future, the two sides will work together to reduce costs. Heduo’s goal is to realize the cost of single parking space renovation of 2020 yuan.

  Ni Kai said that all these plans can not be completed without the help of capital. Heduo Technology has recently completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing, led by sequoia capital china, followed by Oceanwide Investment, and NavInfo, IDG Capital and BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) continue to increase their holdings. Ni Kai said that this round of financing will be mainly used to increase investment in technology research and development, and accelerate the large-scale testing of HoloPilot, an expressway automatic driving scheme independently developed by Heduo, and the landing application of HoloParking, an automatic driving scheme in parking service.

[BYD Auto: BYD Han Sales in March 2021.

[BYD Auto: BYD Han’s sales exceeded 10,000 in March 2021] BYD Auto Official Blog: In March 2021, BYD Han’s sales exceeded 10,000 again, reaching 10,323 vehicles in a single month, up 105.3% from the previous month. Since its listing in July, 2020, Han has achieved a sales volume of over 10,000 units in four months, with a cumulative sales volume of 68,010 units. The sales volume of a single vehicle has ranked Top3 in the domestic new energy vehicle market, and it continues to lead the China brand medium and large car market.

2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day: All-solid-state batteries will get on the train in 2026.

  [car home Information] On the 2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day held on April 12th, Guangzhou Automobile Group exposed many new models and new technology information, including the official launch of Chuanqi New Energy E9 Electric Welfare Edition, GARCIA Guangzhou Automobile’s unmanned pure vision autopilot and Guangzhou Automobile’s all-solid-state battery. The new technology announced on Science and Technology Day will be a key link for GAC’s new models to maintain their market competitiveness in the future, and at the same time further promote the technological progress of the global automobile industry.

● GAC all-solid-state battery

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Solid-state batteries have become an important keyword in the automobile industry this year. At the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, Guangzhou Automobile Group announced a major breakthrough in the research and development of all-solid-state battery technology, which has the characteristics of high safety and large capacity. On the 2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day, the new all-solid-state battery finally unveiled its mystery, and it is planned to take the lead in carrying it on Haobo models in 2026.

Home of the car

  Li Jin, head of the research and development department of Guangzhou Automobile Ai ‘an Battery, said that all-solid-state batteries have higher energy density, higher intrinsic safety and wider temperature range. He said that the development of all-solid-state batteries is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest, and it needs to make breakthroughs in materials, design, manufacturing and integration.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  According to reports, the battery adopts 100% solid electrolyte, which has the characteristics of ultra-high energy density, ultra-high intrinsic safety (mainly referring to monomer safety) and ultra-wide temperature range, and has "moved from laboratory to mass production application".

Home of the car

  With the help of the third generation sponge silicon cathode and high surface capacity solid cathode technology, the battery has achieved an energy density of all-solid-state battery of more than 400Wh/kg, which is more than 52% higher in volume energy density and 50% higher in mass energy density than the current mass-produced liquid lithium-ion battery, and can achieve a battery life of over 1,000 kilometers. In terms of safety, it can achieve needle punching and cutting without failure, and it can withstand 200 degrees hot box.

● GARCIA, GAC has no drawings, pure visual automation.drive

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Driving without a plan has become a new industry trend, and all major first-line automobile brands in China are involved in this field. Driving without a map, as the name implies, does not rely on high-precision map data, and it can be promoted in different places more quickly, which is one of its great advantages. The pure vision scheme is to get rid of sensors such as lidar, and only use the camera to identify obstacles around the vehicle, which provides reference for vehicle control decision-making for the intelligent driving system. The latest intelligent driving system of Tesla, which we are familiar with, adopts the pure vision scheme.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  On this Science and Technology Day, Guangzhou Automobile released the first unmanned pure visual automatic driving system in China-Garcia intelligent driving system, which will be mass-produced in the spring of 2026. It does not need high-precision maps and laser radar, and has basically realized the high-speed and urban NDA functions of Guangzhou’s core urban area through the ability to accurately understand complex traffic roads, the ability to recognize traffic lights and the ability to deal with complex and changeable scenes. It is reported that after the official release of the city map-free NDA today, it will be launched by the new Haobo HT in the near future, and strive to achieve national coverage in the second half of the year.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Guangzhou Automobile Group has mastered many core technologies in the field of intelligent driving, including super parking that can complete parking in extreme space, one-button calling and driving, and cross-floor driving with large curvature slope, as well as high-speed NDA, urban NDA, traffic jam pilot TJP, etc. In the unmanned driving field, the demonstration operation of Robotaxi has been realized.

● Chuanqi New Energy E9 Electric Welfare Edition

Home of the car

Home of the car

  Chuanqi New Energy E9 Electric Welfare Edition, which was officially launched on Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day in 2024, has been listed on March 27th, with an official guide price of 409,800 yuan. The overall appearance and interior design of the new car are consistent with the ordinary version. Its biggest feature is that the second row adopts seats that can rotate out of the car and reduce the height, which can facilitate people with limited mobility to get on and off the car. This function is also the origin of the name of its electric welfare version.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Home of the car

  E9 electric welfare version of the two-row seat can be separated from the vehicle after landing and used as an electric wheelchair. The wheelchair can bear 150kg, and the battery life can reach 20km. The chair can be automatically charged after returning to the cockpit.

  E9 Electric Welfare Edition has a length, width and height of 5193x1893x1823mm and a wheelbase of 3070mm. The 2.0T plug-in hybrid power system of the new car is consistent with the ordinary version, with a comprehensive maximum power of 373 HP, a peak torque of 630 Nm and an acceleration time of 8.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.. The 25.57kWh battery pack equipped in the new car has a pure electric cruising range of 136km for CLTC, a power loss and fuel consumption of 6.05L/100km for WLTC under comprehensive working conditions, and a comprehensive cruising range of 1,032 km.

  In terms of configuration, as a new model, the overall configuration of the car is close to that of E9 PRO version, and it is equipped with 18-inch rims, LED headlights, swan wing cockpit, crystal gear handles, hot and cold cup holders, two rows of left class seats (with ventilation, heating and 10-point massage), three-zone automatic air conditioning, ADiGO Pilot, 14.6-inch suspended central control panel, Bluetooth keys and other configurations.

● Full text summary:

  Compared with Robotaxi and flying cars in the previous two years, the new technology announced by Guangzhou Automobile Technology Day in 2024 focuses on the recent market and is expected to meet consumers soon. No matter whether it is a pure visual intelligent driving system without a map or an all-solid-state battery, it will make the performance of new cars go to a higher level, which is the general trend of the new energy vehicle era. In 2024, it is obvious to all that China brand car companies have made great strides in the field of new energy vehicles, and won a lot of applause from consumers all over the world. As an indispensable force in the industry, GAC will continue to promote industry reform with brand-new technology. (Text/car home Chang Qinglin)

Xiaomi car price hot search Xiaomi officially released the electric car SU7 "SU7"

Webmaster’s House (ChinaZ.com) December 28th news:On the afternoon of December 28th, Xiaomi officially released its electric vehicle model-SU7, which was positioned as a C-class high-performance eco-technology car. This news has aroused widespread concern in the industry.


Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said at the press conference that Xiaomi SU7, as a Xiaomi car, is an important step in the layout of Xiaomi in the automotive field. He emphasized that cars have always played an important role in the automobile industry, and many famous cars in history are cars. Therefore, Xiaomi firmly chose to enter the car market, hoping that SU7 can become a masterpiece of this era.

From a technical point of view, Lei Jun thinks that making a car is more challenging than making an SUV. He said that Xiaomi has chosen the most difficult and far-sighted road in all technical decisions to ensure that SU7 has excellent performance and quality.


When talking about the design concept, Xiaomi emphasized the important position of cars in the automobile industry, and said that the design of SU7 will stand the test of time. Xiaomi hopes that by returning to the essence of design, he will create body lines that conform to intuition and natural beauty and bring visual enjoyment to consumers.

Lei Jun said at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference that the Xiaomi automobile model has been mass-produced on a small scale, but it will be released in "a few months" because it needs to continue various extreme tests.


The body size of SU7 is 4997mm long, 3000mm wheelbase, 1963mm wide and 1440mm high, which is praised as the golden ratio, showing its elegant and dynamic lines. What’s more remarkable is that it has the drag coefficient Cd0.195 of cars all over the world, and this excellent aerodynamic performance ensures the stability and fuel economy of vehicles when driving.

According to Lei Jun, the acceleration time of SU7 from zero to 100 kilometers is amazing, reaching 2.78 seconds, which even exceeds the 2.93 seconds of Porsche Taycan Turbo.

The SU7 not only performs well in acceleration performance, but also reaches a speed of 265km/h, exceeding the 260km/h of Porsche Taycan Turbo and the 250km/h of Tesla Model3. In addition, the SU7 also supports ejection starting, providing a customized driving mode with unlimited degrees of freedom. In terms of braking performance, its braking distance is 33.3 meters at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, which is better than the Porsche Taycan Turbo’s 34 meters.

Regarding the pricing of SU7, Lei Jun said: "Don’t expect such a low price of 99,000 yuan, which is impossible. Cars with such performance and configuration usually cost more than 400 thousand yuan. Therefore, 149,000 yuan is not a reasonable price, and we should respect the value of technology. "


Practical exploration of Xiaomi automobile factory

A few days ago, it was reported that Xiaomi would hold a press conference again in the near future, but it was only a few days before Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi Redmi K70 series mobile phone was released.

It is speculated that the protagonist of this conference is most likely Xiaomi Automobile. The reporter visited the Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Beijing Yizhuang Economic Development Zone and the offline store of Xiaomi Home in Beijing.

At present, the first phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory has been completed. When the reporter visited, the construction expansion was going on inside the park. Nearby merchants said that the village had begun to mobilize, and their Fangxindian village area would be vacated to build the second phase of Xiaomi Factory.

The clerk of Xiaomi House told reporters that at present, they have not received any notice about the new products of the conference. Even if the new products are released, they will not be mobile phones.

Some insiders said that the floor space of most Xiaomi homes is not enough to carry the business of automobile display and sales, so it is a reasonable choice to expand the decoration of existing stores or open new ones.

This is also consistent with the previous speech by Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group. He once said that for the sake of building a car, Xiaomi’s new store covers an area of 600 square meters, and Xiaomi’s car will be sold in Xiaomi’s home in the future.

Factory construction, external enrollment expansion

When the reporter came to the vicinity of Xiaomi Automobile Factory, he found that the interior of the factory was in the expansion stage.

The planned address of Xiaomi Automobile Factory is located on the west side of Fangxindian Village, Majuqiao Town. The original "MI" logo hanging outside the factory has been covered with a layer of cloth, and many entrances and exits have been blocked by bricks and iron sheets.

At the same time, there is a large-scale construction in the park, during which many engineering trucks and sand trucks come in and out, and internal excavators are also under construction. The construction workers told reporters that there is only a northern entrance in the park at present.

Nearby merchants told reporters: "The opposite side is the Xiaomi factory. There was a sign before, but I don’t know when they covered the logo of Xiaomi with cloth. If you ask for job information, you have to go to the north entrance."

Xiaomi Automobile Factory has commissioned a third-party human resources company to recruit a large number of workers since September.The reporter learned from the outsourcing recruitment company that in addition to general workers, positions including testing, quality inspection and equipment maintenance are being expanded.

According to the reporter’s observation, on the west side of Fangxindian Village, Majuqiao Town, where Xiaomi Automobile Factory is located, most of the merchants have moved away, leaving only some auto repair shops and grocery stores.

Fangxindian area to be demolished

The merchant told reporters: "(Xiaomi Factory Phase I)There has been a lot of movement recently, and it may be expanding. Nearby merchants are transferring stores, because the village has started to mobilize recently. Including our area, as well as the farmland in the east, it should be demolished to make room for the expansion of Xiaomi factory, but I don’t know the exact time. "

According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile Project will build Xiaomi Automobile Headquarters Base, Sales Headquarters and R&D Headquarters, and will build a complete vehicle factory with an annual output of 300,000 vehicles in two phases, the first phase of which covers an area of nearly 720,000 square meters. It started in April 2022 and was completed in June 2023.

The vacated area in the business account will be used to carry the second phase project of Xiaomi Vehicle Factory.It is planned to start construction in 2024 and complete construction in 2025, each with a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. It is expected that the first car will be off the assembly line and mass production will be realized in 2024.

Earlier, an insider close to the supply chain of Xiaomi Automobile told reporters: "In the long run, the R&D and production of Xiaomi Automobile will be carried by Xiaomi’s own factory, but it will also reuse the parts suppliers under BAIC."

Xiaomi home may become a new car exhibition hall

The reporter visited a number of millet houses in Beijing and found that some millet houses are indeed being renovated and are expansionary.

Previously, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, has revealed that Xiaomi’s new store covers an area of 600 square meters, which is due to the consideration of making cars. In the future, Xiaomi’s cars will be sold in Xiaomi House.

A clerk of Xiaomi House told reporters: "Recently, Redmi Redmi K70 has just held a press conference, and K70 Ultra will not be listed in a short time, so it should not release new mobile phone products. As for what products are released, we have not received the notice."

Previously, several design drawings of Xiaomi Home Retail Store were published on social platforms. As can be seen from the pictures, the new design of Xiaomi Home has specially set aside two areas to display Xiaomi cars.

According to the information previously released by Lei Jun on social platforms, by the end of October 2021, there were more than 10,000 offline stores of Xiaomi Home nationwide, and the 10,000-th Xiaomi Home Store covered an area of 600 square meters, which was one of the first stores to adopt the image of Xiaomi Home 4.0, and it was also a service and sales integrated store.

Like Huawei’s offline stores, Xiaomi Auto will also become an in-store exhibit, which is also the best way for Xiaomi Auto to quickly spread its sales network, but in terms of channel construction, the two are slightly different.

According to the division of labor between Huawei and Cyrus, Huawei is responsible for sales, while Cyrus is responsible for delivery and after-sales. Specific to the terminal: Huawei is responsible for the sales exhibition hall of the experience center and the user center, and Cyrus is responsible for the after-sales and logistics, warehousing and delivery links of the user center.

Some insiders said that,Xiaomi’s auto retail business will also adopt the channel form of retail center+delivery center+service center, but unlike Huawei, Xiaomi will build its own direct sales and service system. Referring to the sales model of Xiaomi mobile phone, some core cities adopt direct sales model, while other cities adopt managed direct sales or authorization model. Omni-channel planning will bring more unified and efficient services.

The reporter found from the recruitment application that Xiaomi recently opened the recruitment of the store manager position of Xiaomi Automobile Store, covering Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xi ‘an and other places. The recruiter told reporters: "Need(candidate)Both sales and management experience, and it is best to have the experience of building a team from scratch. We prefer candidates with first-line sales experience in the new energy automobile industry. "

Previously, Xiaomi Automobile has started the screening of delivery centers since July this year. The first batch of cities include Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi ‘an, etc., and the candidate venues are required to have at least 120 parking spaces and the buildings should not be less than 3,000 square meters.

Some insiders of Xiaomi revealed to reporters: "The existing Xiaomi channel will only be one of the sales channels of Xiaomi Automobile."

The two Xiaomi cars "SU7 Max" and "SU7 Pro" previously filed on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are all pure electric, but Xiaomi has not given up the extended program technical route.The industry believes that this move is a pragmatic strategy made by Xiaomi to increase sales.

On the recruitment platform, Xiaomi is also open to recruitment for R&D positions related to extended range, including extended range system design and development engineers. In addition, hybrid-related positions include fuel system engineers and exhaust system engineers.

According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, the total sales volume of new energy vehicles in the first 10 months of this year was 7.28 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 37.8%, of which the sales volume of pure electric vehicles from January to October was 5.16 million, with a year-on-year growth rate of 25.2%, which was lower than that of generalized plug-in hybrid vehicles including extended range, with a year-on-year growth rate of 82.6%.

At the recent Q3 performance meeting of Xiaomi in 2023, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, said in an interview with the reporter of New Consumer Daily: "Mr. Lei himself did not say that the initial sales of Xiaomi cars could reach 100,000, but the goal of Xiaomi’s car building is to spend 15-20 years. Enter the top five in the world."

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:New Consumer Daily (ID: CLS-xxfribao-01), Author: Tang Zhixiao, Editor: Liang Youyun