Empresses in the Palace has a hot search every day! Netizens have carried out various interpretations, and even fans have published books directly.

Empresses in the Palace has a hot search every day! Netizens have carried out various interpretations, and even fans have published books directly.

Some people have found that it has been going on for a long time.The biography of Zhen Huan has achieved a hot search every day.. Moreover, every time the topic of hot search is not repeated. Netizens have long jumped out of the most basic entry-level job of looking for goofs and details, which has derived a variety of tricky perspectives and made a new interpretation of this drama.

For example, "What are the bad habits in Empresses in the Palace?" Everyone put the picture of Yongzheng reading in bed below to show that he can’t read in bed, or "What life lessons did Empresses in the Palace tell us". Another blogger directly drew a cartoon version for Empresses in the Palace, putting Zhen Xuan, Shen Meizhuang and An Lingrong into the modern urban workplace. The top fans realized their love directly and published Reading Comprehension of Zhen Huan Biography.

For this series of recent events, someone asked: "Why are there so many hot searches about Zhen Huan?"But it’s strange, although everyone doubts that it is hot, it doesn’t feel disgusted at all.I even found the contents extremely interesting.This may be due to the following reasons.

The first one is of course because of Sun Li..

Empresses in the Palace’s plays are all named after the characters played by Sun Li, so people are the absolute protagonists of this play. In the play, Zhen Xuan’s setting is also a combination of all the good qualities, as if she were hanging up. She has a good face, can play the flute, can recite poems, always speaks to the emperor’s heart, and becomes the ultimate super winner.

Everyone says that this drama can make everyone pull the tab back and forth repeatedly, because the heroine Sun Li willZhen Xuan returned it to Zhen Xuan.Without excessive consumption and use of this role, I will shoot other film and television dramas in a down-to-earth manner, challenge different themes, and do my job as an actor.Let this character always wear the filter in the play.

The second important reason is that several concubines in this drama have taken off their careers.

The person who has enjoyed the most bonus since the first hit of this drama,In addition to the absolute heroine Sun Li, the next step is the queen Ada Choi and Hua Fei Rulu, who are more important in the scenes, and aunt Shen Meizhuang, An Lingrong and Park Sunseeker, who are slightly touched.. Who would have thought that with the passage of time, there was no special part in this play?Rachel Momo, Seven, Lyric, Tang Yixin, Rayza and Yinger are all to be reckoned with now.Who pulled it out is not the heroine of which drama now.

"Mountains and Rivers and Moonlight", which is being broadcasted by Beijing Satellite TV, is not Yinger as the heroine; Rachel Momo, Tang Yixin and Rayza were all captured by the midday sun, whether it was Rachel Momo, who had a rough love life and a rough birth; Or Tang Yixin with a happy marriage and a happy family; Rayza, who is full of personality and gave birth to a child directly, who is not full of face value and strength.

Seven is also fierce enough. Not only did the TV series "In the Name of Family" starring in one year become the annual crown of Hunan Satellite TV, but now it is more likely to become the next Golden Eagle Goddess. Xia Dongchun, who was rewarded with a post of red, never lived to be an adult. They were losers in the palace fight in the play, and they were successful outside the play. This is really a road that no one has ever imagined. Their popularity not only shows that the actors themselves are excellent, but also shows that the directors have a bright eye and can see that these people have unlimited potential.

Finally, there is an extremely important reason, that is, the similar competing products newly shot in recent years are completely unacceptable.

Since Empresses in the Palace, it’s like lighting a fuse, and it’s out of control. All film and television production companies think that the heroine’s drama is a hot topic, and they all want to get a piece of it. However, no drama can reproduce a fragment of Empresses in the Palace.Even take out another play "Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace" by the author of the original novel., also used Zhou Xun descent, clothing by going up one flight of stairs, beauty and strength of the actors are also a dime a dozen, is a masterpiece worth seeing,But there is still a certain gap with Empresses in the Palace.

Empresses in the Palace’s success in that year, with the right time, the right place and the right people, is true of every classic film and television drama. It’s only eleven years later, and it’s like a hit drama, with so many interpretations, and Empresses in the Palace is the only one. Perhaps, the effect of Empresses in the Palace is the best embodiment of combining the entertainment and culture that the public likes.


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